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Do you think Dtube is the best Dapp built on the steem blockchain?

I think Dtube has the potential to be the best, or certainly one of the best, but as far as functionality and resolution go, it's not that good. I couldn't get a video to load this morning when I tried to watch it on Dtube, and that happens more than it should. And resolution is still only 480p.

I understand there are issues with all the dApps are concerned due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain, but I find it hard to believe there's not a way to bump up the resolution to at least 720p and make it possible to watch videos without them going into constant looping mode.

Also, apparently, the videos aren't stored for more than couple of weeks, so anything uploaded to Dtube is gone after that.  I believe there that if people are going to spend their time uploading to Dtube (and I'm sure it's hoped that Dtube would be the exclusive provider of content on STEEM while there's no other video dApp), then they need to beef up storage.

I'm not sure what dApp is the best right now. Each has its followers, its successes and failures. Right now, the most popular to use is Drugwars, and before that it was STEEM Monsters for a while, and Steemit is always ahead of the rest of the social media dApps, but obviously people have been upset with them for one reason or another (though not so much for glitchiness as it would be decisions made about different aspects of game play, and in the case of Steemit, decisions and the lack of cutting edge social media features).

In my mind, the best build dApp is steemworld, the data and information site by steemchiller. I have no idea how many people use it, but it is nearly always up, its quick, its comprehensive and versatile. It would be nice to be able to see beyond an eight day window, but that's a pretty small issue compared to everything it can do.

And once the post editor is ready to use, it's going to be even better.


If i was to boast about Dapps on the steem blockchain, Dtube won't be on my top list. It is not user friendly, they do have potentials of being the best tho a lot of work has to be done. I look forward to Dtube being a good competition for YouTube.

My best Dapp for now is STEEMHUNT


With so many steem blockchain-based platforms now, I think esteem and musing.oi is the best steem blockchain based platform I've used so far. Aside from the two platforms, I don't really know in depth but just know the name, but don't know how much influence the use of the stealth blockchain on the platform besides this esteem and musing.io.

As we know, both of these platforms, namely esteem and musing.io, always curate any content posted by their users, while other platforms only curate the best content while content that is not pleasing and not qualified will be ignored so only While both of these platforms will curate any posts that come from both platforms to get rewards if the content posted is of high quality and deserves curation from the esteem and musing.io parties.

The point is, for me it is not dtube which is the best platform based on blockchain steams but esteem and musing.io is the best stealth blockchain based platform I've ever used while working in the world of blockchain steem. And I get a lot of rewards from both platforms because I always only display my best content on both platforms based on the blockchain system. Maybe my answer this time can help you to keep working on the two platforms that I propose, namely esteem and musing.io.


No, it's a decent app though.

In my opinion, the best dApp was memeit. A friend of mine created it. Basically it's a site where people create memes and mods would approve good memes and users got paid Steem through upvotes.  The upvotes were great, around 3 $ or so, sometimes less. Memeit doesn't exist anymore though