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Does anybody have any idea on how to be an oil and gas industry business developer?
So a couple of weeks ago I got this job as a business developer for an oil and gas servicing company and honestly I'm a bit lost as to how to go about doing the job. I got the job because I have prior experience in the oil and gas industry, but I've never been part of a business development team before. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Yes! You Can Become an Oil and Gas Developer!!

The Proceedure are as itemised Below

( But You May Need the Assistance of a Consultant to fine tune the details)

1) Incorporate a Company ( Preferably that which its Liability is Limited by Shares)

2) Elect or Appoint Directors of the Incorporated Company

3) Get Head Hunters to Scout for Qualified Personnel to Management , Account and Marketing Departments

4) Deploy Personnel to Initiate and Execute Contracts, either UPSTREAM or DOWNSTREAM

If UPSTREAM, your Coy may seek Exploration licence from Necessary Government Agency or Executives Major or Minor Contracts with other Players in the UPSTREAM Sector.

If DOWNSTREAM , your Company could Set I

Up Energy Retail Shop Shains like Mobil, Total etc accross the Country of your Business.

Your Company Could as well execute contracts for other established Coys in this Downstream Sector.

Whatever Choice made, please acknowledge these to ensure a fledging Sustainable Business!!

A) Note that Oil and Gas is a long gestation Business that requires consistency and down to earth commitment to detail. Hence don't be disilutioned when the profits takes long to roll in!!

B) Governments Bottlenecks are Expected , especially in Developing Climes.

You need to be a good socialist, mixer and savvy negotiator to surmount this unnecessary gulf.

C)A Foreign Technical Partner might be very necessary to look very professional, thereby enabling a competitive advantage over competitors.