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How do you insert images into an answer on a musing post?

When you answer a question you have a series of buttons at the directly under your name. The last button on the right (looks like a sun with 2 mountain peaks) will allow to add an image.

When you click it you will see

Simply add the URL of the image to the box as instructed and click ADD. You cannot upload an image using this method like you can on steemit. This will only accept a URL for a pre-existing image on the internet

Your image will be added at the location wherever your cursor currently is,


Great questions. I, tried inserting a image URL but the image did not turn up in my answer post. Currently there are in total 5 buttons to use to make your answer formatted while answering a question. Out of which the last button is used to enter the Image URL which you want to be inserted to your answer post.

I, will go further explaining all the 5 Buttons 

Button B - which stands for Bold and is useful if you want the text to be highlighted as Bold

Button I - which stands for Italics and is helpful when you want to text to be in Italics

Button Bullets - This button is for pointers you want to showcase as bullets

Button Numbering - This button is for numbering the pointers in your answers to a questions as 1

, 2,3 and so on

Finally the image Button - this allows you to insert image to the answer post on musing platform.