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What is the best exercise to do to burn fat quickly?

What timescale are you talking about? I'm assuming what you're asking is what type of exercise you should engage in to lose the most fat in, say, a month. 

The short answer is that only the energy balance over that time period matters. There are no particular fat-burning methods of exercise if you look at a time period longer than a day. 

It is true that the more intense the exercise the greater the proportion of sugars burned. The body has glucose stored in the form of glycogen in the muscles and in the liver. Intense exercise burns a lot of glycogen (and also  lot of fat). When you are resting after the bout of exercise and have a meal what happens is that because your glycogen stores are relatively depleted, the any excess sugar you get from your meal goes to replenish the glycogen storage instead of being converted into fatty acids and glycerol (=fat molecules) in the liver, triggered by insulin. The body has short-term, medium term and long-term ways of storing energy in the body and a number of regulatory systems keeping everything in balance over different timescales. If people tell tell you that the most effective way to lose fat is to engage in low-intensity cardio, they're misleading you. Low-intensity exercise leaves the glycogen storage relatively intact which causes any carbohydrate intake your body cannot immediately use to be stored as fat to a larger degree. It's the energy balance that counts.

When it comes to diet, however, keeping high-glycemic index sugars (=sugars that raise blood sugar quickly on a per unit of weight basis) absent from your diet and keeping your glycemic load (= the total amount of sugars you ingest per unit of time) relatively low, you help keep your insulin levels low. The process of conversion of sugars into fat cannot happen in the absence of insulin. There is a hormone called glucagon that counteracts insulin when you have a low sugar level in the blood. It triggers the release of glucose from glygocen storage in the muscles and the liver and also the breaking down of fats. If you get a greater proportion of your calories from protein than before losing fat should become easier for you. This is what the Atkins diet is based on. Note that this is not nutritional advice and you should consult a nutritionist or a doctor before doing away with carbs altogether or something radical like that.


Fats are reserved resources for the body. The body's mechanism for 'In case of emergency' say when you are stuck somewhere without food or have to push extra than your usual limits. So the body doesn't touch this reserved resources unless you have pushed it to the limits. So to achieve that you have to follow the below sets of exercise and activity..

1. Watch your Calories intake - We usually consume more calories than our daily requirement. And things like Cola, etc are loaded with calories same goes for the food items like rice, biryani, etc. Now the funny thing here is the same diet plan cannot be followed by everyone. Peoples are different and their mechanisms are different. So you need to optimise your food habit accordingly. This doesn't me starve yourself. It just means you need to adjust your diet. Maybe reduce carbs and boost up the protein. Also, You might wanna stay away from Sugar.

2. Get into compound body exercise - Most of the exercises are focusing on the muscle development, but putting strain on the muscles. The muscles burns calories to release energy to carry out the exercises. You can think of your muscles as engines and the fats as the fuel. So bigger the engine the more fuel it will burn. The more muscles are engaged the better calories burners are engaged. So the answer is compound exercises like squat, it engages the entire lower body and the core. (Best in my opinion). Second on is upper body compound exercise Burpees or surya-namaskar are exercise which engages many muscles and joint movements.

Note that everybody is different and their bodies works differently. Know your body first before jumping into any exercise that may hurt you. The exercises suggested above are simple but puts a lot of strain on your body. So Please do know you limits before pushing it.


I think it depends or varies per person as we have different body types.

There are some who have faster metabolism compared to others and there could be some factors that could affect it. Such as age, health condition and gender.

Some might be able to burn their fats quickly simply by cycling for several hours a day. While others need a rigorous workout in a gym in order to burn their fats fast. The diet or nutrition of a person could be a factor too.

Consulting a professional like those who are certified trainors in the gym or a health consultant could help a person know what could be the best exercise for him to burn his fats fast.

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A type of running that is username by professionals . Interval running is when you run in a sprint for 1 minute. The fastest you can go. Then slow down to a light jog for 1 minute and then sprint again for 1 minute. So this ten times and fat just disappears after a couple of weeks . They say this type of training is the equivalent of running a marathon in fat burn.


Light weight multiple repetitive weight studies should be done. This helps prevent sagging and tightening. Another benefit of doing this exercise is the calorie burning during the day after the training.

The most effective training is the kickbox training in the sandbag. Before doing this training, it is safe to study on the subject.


Believe me,  I know a lot about this.

One of my jobs is to go back to the muscular fat people and make them better people.

When burning fat your body does not do it in a localized way, it does it in a general way.

It is not enough to make diets majicas or consume miraculous drugs.

High intensity cardio is the best way to burn fat quickly.

Similarly, a diet low in calories and high in protein helps a lot.


But most people have a hard time enduring a routine of this high intensity training.

For beginners I recommend, half an hour of jogging to warm up 5 minutes of stretching.

500 jumps with rope.

And finally 20 minutes of burpees, sui can not do them correctly, do them half and slowly.

Finally boxing with your shadow 10 minutes.

Alternate this with a routine of weights or calisthenics by spending a day.

On Saturdays 24 hours of intermittent fasting.

In 3 months will be in shape and at least 10kg less fat.