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Do anime based questions get answered on musing?
I haven't seen anyone ask any questions about animes on musing, but I see alot of them on Quora. Is it taboo on musing or do people just not ask those kinds of questions?

All types of questions get answered on musing, it doesn't matter what the background is. As far as whether or not people ask anime based questions on musing, I honestly haven't seen any myself but now that you've mentioned it I think I'll start asking them myself. I'm a huge fan of animes and I have a lot of questions to ask.

Oh and as long as the question isn't offensive in any way whatsoever then you can ask the question on musing. There'll surely be an Otaku like myself who'll be willing to answer it.


I haven't seen any anime questions on musing just yet but I am hoping that people will start asking them. It's really only a matter of time before somebody asks them. Musing is such a great platform that I am bit surprised that people the otaku's haven't been hitting it full force.

As far as I know I am probably the biggest Otaku on musing or steemit. I might sound arrogant but but if not the top then I'll probably top ten at least. I am not so much into manga as I am into anime. I hope you do ask the anime questions first. I'll try to answer them the best I can :-)