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How do you deal with a Boss that's making sexual advances on you, especially when he's the highest authority in the office?

While this is one of the unhealthy things that happen in a workplace there are several ways to deal with it. Although, it's easier said than done, nonetheless whoever is faced with it has to be ready to do all it takes.

It is also worthy to note that, both males and females are prone to sexual assault.

1. LEAVE THE JOB: Sounds very crude but fam, that's the safest way to end this, especially if you're in a country where "things don't work"

2. REPORT THE Issue TO THE MANAGEMENT: Even if he or she is at the top of the ladder, there are still some people that such persons can be reported to, like the this and disciplinary committee... If any. This may be quite hard because, the person may not be believed and could be victimised as a result. Which ever the case, the complainant must be ready to face it squarely.

3. REPORT TO THE AUTHORITIES (GOVERNMENT): This would be very effective in a country where things work" as sexual assault is a crime and anyone found guilty can be prosecuted by the law.

4. HANDLE IT: While this is also difficult, one can also try to handle it by oneself. Avoid him or her. Refuse the advances and pray... Pray.. Pray...

Impossibility is nothing.


Actually, we now live in a world where the powerful ones want to keep using their strength, influence and power to get whatever they want from the weak ones. This is typically an "abuse of power" to me. There are lot of cases and experiences shared by various people most especially ladies about how their bosses will want to have sex with them just because they work for them.

This is actually a shameful act and an act of disrespect and immorality. The boss may start pressuring or tormenting the worker involved just because the worker refused to make love to the boss. The fact is that the boss had forgotten that there have to be mutual agreement between the two parties (boss and lady). The lady involved as the right to reject such offer if she doesn't feel like having sex with her boss. If the boss forces any lady against her will just for the main purpose of satisfying himself, then this is another form of rape because it is one sided and not from both sides since sex ought to be enjoyable to both sides.

I was able to come up with the below few tips to solve such problems for anyone who might be experiencing such problem or difficulties and I hope this helps you.

1) REJECT HIS OR HER OFFER: Sometimes in life you just have to summon the courage and confidence to "SAY NO " to things you don't want for yourself. The sad part about this is that most of the people involved are really scared to turn down such offer due to the status or influence of the person involved but the fact is that when you keep running away from your fear, you may later be killed and buried by your fear.

Just tell him or her that you aren't interested in such act. If you are scared the boss may start acting rude or strange to you, then you should read tip number 2.

2) RESIGN OR LEAVE THE JOB: This is one of the bravest decision to take but it really shows that you know your worth. Your boss may start acting very strange to you just because you refused his offer for sex such that he or she may start tormenting you or make you suffer in your work place with no payment of salary. The best for you is to just leave the job or resign and go for another job. There are lot of jobs out there waiting for valuable people like you. You just have to keep your eye open and never allow anyone to put you down because of their status or influence.

3)AVOID YOUR BOSS: Whenever you notice your boss is coming towards you, try to avoid him or her. Always avoid going to his or her vicinity when you are not invited. This will create an impression for him or her that you aren't really interested in such act.

4) LET HIM/HER KNOW IT'S BAD : No religion supports the habit of fornication because it is a shameful and bad habit. It is required of you to correct him respectfully about such act that it is against the rule of your religion. When you do this, it creates an impression to him that you are religious and no one will ever want to tamper with a religious person. Also your correction may also change his life for good.

5)DRESS MODESTY: Sometimes ladies are the cause of their own problems by the type of dress they wear. When you dress up in an erotica manner, you are automatically advertising yourself for sex. It is advisable you start dressing modest and in chaste because you will surely be addressed by your dressing.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


If i have another means i will quit the job. If I don't, I will make it obvious to him that I am not interested, ne more mindful of my dressing, No informal interaction or pleasantries, if I have his contact I will send passages of the bible and pray about it as well.

Meanwhile I will make sure I inform someone else about it.

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