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What do you think would be the best way to combat corruption in a country?

The best way to curb corruption in a nation or any society is for every individual therein to develop a sense of responsibility and discipline.

Truth be said, the basis of corruption is the lack of individual discipline which then trickles down into the society at large.

That our society is corrupt is a result of the combined individual corruption.

If the decision is now to curb corruption that is already in place then, it would be to punish every offender as this would deter potential offenders.

The lack of appropriate and deserved punishment for offenders has opened doors to more offenders and the cycle of corruption would continue to grow if the corrupt ones are not cut short and reprimanded.


Today, corruption has become a cankerworm in many countries, especially the developing countries of the world.

There are several ways to curb corruption but I believe that the best approach must be systemic. Strict laws should be enacted to combat corruption and the appropriate authorities must be empowered to prosecute people suspected of corruption.

On top of that, every channel that makes corruption possible must be blocked. When corruption becomes expensive, potentially corrupt politicians will be discouraged.


This is a good question. For me, we need to have a leader that has an iron fist and care/love for his country. Like in the Philippines right now, we always thought that Philippines can’t handle bigger projects because we have less budget but when Duterte was elected as President of the Philippines, many projects have been made. Unlike in the previous administrations wherein most projects are being corrupted and being implemented poorly. We need people to be participative and supportive to the government and united against those people or culprits who intend to run in politics wherein their goal is not for the betterment of our country but only to their self interest. This applies to all countries, we need those leaders that are true to their agenda not on some bogus politicians whose intents are crooked who are more likely to do corruption and damage the country.


What do you think is the best way to fight corruption in a country? One way to fight corruption in one country is to punish corruptors who commit corruption when they are in a position in a country. If the method that I propose is implemented in all countries of the world, I am sure that corruptors will decrease in a country, and they will be afraid to commit corruption if the law is implemented in that country.

At present there are still many corruptors who are still unknown to investigators so that they are very free to commit acts of corruption whenever they want without thinking about the fear of the actions they have committed. It is time for us to eradicate the corruptors in our country, because they can only take greed money instead of infiltrating their people but instead make their people suffer more because of the loss of people's rights that have been taken by corruptors.

The point is we must immediately fix this country so that all corruptors are arrested and sentenced to death so that other corruptors will no longer dare to commit acts of corruption against state money. If we don't start it, they are increasingly rampant to bring away state money without the knowledge of others, therefore corruption investigators must be able to handle every corruption case in this country so that corruption no longer occurs in this country.