What keeps bringing you back to musing?

There are quite a few things that keep bringing me back to Musing. I'll try to enumerate them.


I might as well get this one out of the way first. I like that Musing curates their content. While any kind of curation can be subjective, I rather that than a "thanks for using our platform" kind of upvote. I feel like the latter, more times than not, leads to user abuse, so I appreciate the fact that Musing is handing out mainly 20-50-100 percent upvotes based on what they deem to be earning them.


I don't feel like I can competently answer all questions, but I do like seeing the questions there are and then picking out ones to answer. I feel like my interests and skill sets line up pretty well in a question/answer kind of format, since I do a lot of reading and like to spread the knowledge I gain. I also like to give my opinions on different topics, which Musing also provides an outlet for.


I do like perusing the answers others give, too. They help me to determine if I should go ahead and answer, or move on. If a topic, in my opinion, is well covered, I generally leave it at that. If not, I will try to give what I believe is the best answer or most complete answer.


It doesn't happen often enough to my liking, but I do like hearing back from the user who asked the question to see if I've understood what they were asking and/or covered it sufficiently. I think there is an opportunity here for an open dialogue if both parties wish to have it, so when there is engagement on a topic, I feel like we're doing more than just going through the motions.


I feel like I can express myself here and not need to worry about someone taking offense or flagging what I've written because they have a different worldview. I'm grateful that we can all come together here, give our best answers and not be hit with censorship of any kind.



I run out of content and also lack the time to really create great stuffs. Musing is a solution to that

I also enjoy the way it shapes my mind to think and reflect on different things daily

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I want to be honest while answering this question. It is the upvote reward which keeps me coming back to musing again and again. No matter how small the upvote, but I always look for an upvote reward. I don't mind if musing has selection criteria to distribute the upvote, because that selection criteria will keep me to do my best to be among the ones to be upvoted. So as long as it is curating the questions and answers, I will love being in this dApp.

One more interesting thing I must say, that apart from steemit & dPoll this is the only other dApp, I engage in Steem blockchain. My interest and my passion suits this category and hence I am really looking forward to musing to be successful like Steemhunt. 

If musing can bring SP delegation close to 0.2 million at least, then also it can work wonder and many good musers will again join here. I see a lot of potential for this platform but I am not seeing any support from the steem community either.

The type and quality of question even during dry season like now, are really good and I actually got to know many new things from reading the questions and answers here. So that is aspect which keeps me motivated to stay here.


I love the whole idea of Musing. In the next couple of years Musing could be one of the most valuable Dapps built on the Steem blockchain. It could be worth millions of dollars.

This is why I keep coming back to Musing no matter what.


It is a really interesting question to ask.The first thing that brought me to musing was the expectation to get some upvote,earn some Steem and SP.But slowly musing became more than just a source of upvote to me.It is a place where I can learn and brainstorm my ideas.

So far I have posted a lot of question about religion,society,science,culture and crypto etc. in musing.I love to read the answers people give to my questions.Now I come to musing not just for upvote but because I find it entertaining.From musing you can get introduced to thousands of ideas and brilliant minds.I believe musing has a power to change people's life,if people can see and use musing the right way.

It is a great place to learn and ask questions.Public opinions and their insights matters.Those have values which we usually don't care about.In musing everyone can share their opinion about a subject or ask something in a respectful manner which makes musing really unique and visit worthy.

It is true that upvote matters but I don't think everyone gather here for that reason. The regular musing users see musing a place to generate and share ideas.I love to read the questions and answers I find in musing therefore,I keep coming back to musing again and again.I believe in the power of musing and I am not saying it just to get people's attention.I believe a lot of people share the same feeling about musing which I have.Therefore,we still find a lot of people coming back to musing everyday.

Hope you have found the answer to your question.Thank you for asking this question.I hope we will keep using musing as we are doing now and make it even more popular to people.                 


I just really like sharing my knowledge, opinion, and experience to be honest.  This is a pretty free and open platform that allows me the time and ability to help others out where I can.  I don't know as though any of my answers have been life changing for anyone, but I would like to think they might have helped in some way.  As some have said, Musing is just a good way to fill the gap too in between content.  I would never use a Musing post instead of content though.  I actually don't think I have ever used the "Post to Blog" button.  There is something about the lack of context that I don't want just a random answer to be posted on my blog.  


Lack of a good alternative. There is no competition.


There are quite plenty thing that brings back to Musing, and I pretty enjoy it.

Mostly I do run out of contents and I would be desperate to post something on my blog, then I would remember that I still got more than enough activities to here on Musing. I get to learn and expand my knowledge and ability about the Blockchain and even on steem too.

I take my time exploring Musing and upvoting some authors answering to questions. This is what I enjoyed most.

I love the whole idea of Musing. In the next couple of years Musing could be one of the most valuable Dapps built on the Steem blockchain. It could be worth millions of dollars. This will continue to bring me back to Musing cos I love using being on the the Blockchain 😁.


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Musing is one of my favorite websites. I have a lot of questions in general and Musing is a designated domain to ask them.

In my opinion, Musing is:


Under used

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