Whats the best remedy for work fatigue?
I'm literally bone dead tired when I get home, but I know a lot of people who work as much as I do and they're just fine, do you know anything I can do to have more energy when I get home?

During the day, and most importantly while at work, we burn out a considerable amount of calories trying to accomplish different tasks for the day.

Towards the end of the day, we tend to become worn out, tired, stressed and depleted. We become depleted of energy and our weariness level stays high.

On returning home, what most people wish for is what could help them recover from the lost calories during the day, what can help replenish the lost energy, they are looking for some sort of therapy to relieve them of the day's stress.

One sure highly reliable remedy to recover from work fatigue is nutrition. Eating good and quality food is important, the body needs to refill what was being lost during the day to keep both body and soul ready for the next day. Hence, it's necessary to consume the right food in appropriate quantity. Carbohydrates should be considered to replace repleted energy, protein foods for muscle build and fruits for vitamins. Drink water as well, sufficient water.

Another remedy is listening to good music or seeing a dope movie or series. You can wind off listening to music. You can as well watch a movie. If you had started seeing series, you can continue to follow it up after work as a way of winding off.

For instance, the finale season of Game of Thrones (GOT), the best series of all times is ongoing with the pen-ultimate episode coming up this coming Sunday.

As much as work is important, it's equally important to develop a system that will help us combat and survive work fatigue on daily basis.

There are other remedies that could work perfectly for work fatigue depending on individual preferences but I wish to stop here.


Stop working

I meant that tongue in cheek


Have enough sleep, do exercise, go out of your comfort zone, go somewhere refreshing like nature. If you feel you are having a burn out. It is okay to stop working for sometime and enjoy what you love doing. :) 


The best medicine you can do when you feel tired after work is to take a break from work. Because rest is very necessary to restore energy drained because all day working without thinking about your energy drained. Actually there are many ways that you can do to get rid of fatigue after working tired, one of which is considered practical is to consume stamina enhancing drugs but this is not good for your health and can have side effects for your body's health later. The following are five ways to get rid of fatigue after you work:

1. Get enough sleep.

The first way to get rid of fatigue after work is to get enough sleep so that the next morning you can feel refreshed while working again without feeling any fatigue. Enough for your sleep needs by resting, at least 7-8 hours every day. If possible, you can also take a nap if you have free time during the day like during an office break. It aims to reduce your drowsiness and fatigue while working, so that you can be productive again in the afternoon until you arrive home.

2. Exercise regularly.

Physical activity can increase energy in the body. In addition, exercise can also improve the efficiency of the heart, lungs, and muscles of the body. No need to exercise that is too heavy if you are not used to it. Just do light exercise for 15-30 minutes on a regular basis, such as walking. When you experience fatigue in the office, you can also overcome it by stretching your body for several minutes. The goal is that your energy is controlled every day so that you don't get tired easily after a day of work later.

3. Sufficient Water Needs.

The way to get rid of fatigue after other work is to consume enough water and according to your needs. This is because water can maintain fluid levels in the body, so you avoid dehydration and fatigue due to work. Generally, everyone is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water per day. These needs can be different, depending on the condition of the body and physical activity carried out. Water is also very influential for your health, if after working and not drinking water, you are very susceptible to diseases that are harmful to your health such as kidney disease, coral and some other diseases.