Who do you think is going to win the Champions League between Totenham FC and Liverpool FC?

I'll give it to Liverpool. Their win against Barca was magical and I expect them to lift the trophy.


Tottenham Hotspur managed to make history by advancing to the Champions League final for the first time, to challenge fellow other English clubs namely the Liverpool club who won the most champions league titles in the English country. The duel became the second All English Final in Champions League history after what happened for the first time in 2008, which brought together Manchester United vs Chelsea and in the final won by my favorite club, Manchester United. This year, Totemham Hotspurs made it to the finals because they managed to defeat the Ajax in the last semifinal.

Incredibly Tottenham could turn things around in the second half after being left behind with a score of 2-0 in the first round and the Spurs managed to score three goals through Brazilian winger Lucas Moura in the second round. In this match Moura was played as a striker and his prowess was very visible in the match this time because he managed to score three goals at once to the ajax goal in the match. While the previous day, Liverpool had already escaped after making a surprise by ejecting Barcelona. The Reds also made a sensational comeback. Losing 0-3 in the first leg, the Reds forcefully beat Barcelona in the second match at home.

Even so, this time in the Champions League final I still support Liverpool who will win the European Champions League this year. I support Liverpool as the champion because this club has more experience in the Champions League compared to its opponents who first played in the Champions League final. Last year, Liverpool also managed to break into the Champions League final despite being defeated by a large Spanish team, Real Madrid. Naturally, they lost to Madrid last year, because Madrid were more experienced in the Champions League after winning the Champions League hat trick in the previous season. And this year I'm sure that liverpool will be the champion of the championship by beating opponents of one country, totenham hotspurs.