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Why doesn't this question post to my blog?
Am I missing something?

You can't post a question to your blog. A question is not suitable for a post.

An 8 word question would not go down well as a post. Something that has taken you literally seconds to do can't be justified as a post. 

An answer can as more time, effort and more thought has gone into it. i am sure if users started posting questions as posts it would pick up flak and be flagged for spamming. I would definitely down vote it if I saw it and I know of many others who would to. 

If you look on the top right of the answer block there is a square that you can click which says Post to blog.  That is only for answers and not questions.


Long story short, the question you have just posted is on the steem blockchain as a comment on a musing post.  All posts here go in to comments, not root posts. The answers can be posted to our blog as @cryptoandcoffee has described. 

If you go to your wallet page on Steemit, and then click on the comments tab, you will see your question noted only as "view this question on musing"