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Why can't we get rid of plastics?
We had been blaming plastics for the past years or decades when it comes to the pollution to our environment. Even though we are aware that plastics are one of the major pollutants, why can't we stop using it?

We have been so addicted to plastics and it has now become an integral part of our life. There are many reasons why we cannot get rid of plastics that easily. Though we have so many disadvantages because of plastics, there are also lots of advantages and revolutionary changes that plastic has made recently. We have accumulated so much of plastic waste in the past 50 years. Every year usage of plastics is gradually increasing and we don't even have a proper plan to dispose plastics or recycle plastics yet. 

Packing made easier

Plastics have made packing much easier. Today we are able to use plastics a lot in logistics department. The main reason is because plastics are water proof and are capable of keeping things inside it intact we are able to transport so many things from one place to another. We are also able to transport Acid materials from one place to another in PVC containers which has resistance towards plastics. Food packing is also easier now with Tupperware lunch boxes. Though we read so many articles that describes how harmful it is to use Tupperware containers to store food materials, we find it very difficult to switch to a different alternative. Some people even get cancer because they pack hot food inside Tupperware containers and consume them. 

Cost effective

Compared to all other materials that are available, plastics are highly cost effective. They have brought revolutionary change everywhere. People are highly fond of using plastic materials even though they already have other alternative materials available. When cloth bags are available, people prefer using plastic covers for shopping because it also gives water proof during rainy seasons. Especially food materials can be packed and transported to a different place for a cheaper price because of the usage of plastic materials. People go for plastic options thinking that they are going to be permanent and last longer than other alternatives. 

No alternatives

For some of the practical usages, there are no actual alternatives available for plastics. People are so used to plastics and they don't even care if there are any alternatives available. Even if we have to go for other alternatives, we end up paying lots of money extra to get a cheaper option. In today's world we have already eradicated all the alternatives options we had for plastics and we have started using plastics for everything. Starting from the toys that kids play to bigger items that we use in our day to day life, everything is now made of plastics. 

The above are some of the reasons why we are finding it very difficult to come out of plastic usage. Even though we listen to lots of awareness about harmful effects of plastics, we still continue to use them because we are lazy to look for an alternative. It has now become an integral part of our life. In some countries, if government takes some responsible decisions, they can ban plastics. But they are not ready to take responsible decisions. People don't really care if they pollute the environment or the oceans. They are becoming really selfish. 

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It is sad isn't it to know that our environment is destroyed because of the use of plastics and it is actually everywhere. The thing that we face is that it has become a daily habit to use plastics in everything we do.

I've given it a thought and I think everyone should do something about it. Imagine buying sometime to eat with this plastic packaging. After just a single use it is discarded. This plastic waste would then end up in our eco system which can harm everything that is alive that needs the natural environment. Fish eat the plastic that flows into the seas and we eat those fish.. In some ways we are actually harming ourselves.

I guess it's because of the convenience that plastic has created in our modern life that we are now so reliant on these plastics in our life. I have made some changes in my life to reduce plastic wastage in some ways. I recycle whenever I can and keep all plastic materials in a box and then bring to the recycling Centre. I bring my own container to take out food and my city nowadays has the no plastic days for shopping.. I guess the day our world would be free of plastics is when the world finds a new way to package all products or find a new type of bio plastic which could easily be recycled or even decompose.


Products made out of plastics have become an integral part of our lives. We have been so addicted to it that we can't live a day if we can't use plastics. 

We need straws to sip our drinks through. Even though fastfood chains have metallic utensils like spoon and fork, we still ask for disposable ones. We prefer to take-out food rather than dining in.These are some of the signs of our addiction to plastics.

In Cebu City, the city where I resided, our Local Government created an ordinance to ban sando bags or plastics in business establishments like groceries and malls. However, even with the initiative of the government to lessen our plastic usage, some people will still pay for sando bags at 5 pesos each rather than using "bulsitas" or paper bags. Due to this, the ordinance's purpose is defeated.

Why can't we really get rid of plastics?

1. We are used to it. In other words, we are very much addicted to plastic that in the event someone makes a move to ban or even regulate our use of plastics we oppose.

  2. Convenience. We can't deny the fact that through using plastics, our lives have become easier. We can transport almost anything from one place or the other using plastic bags without worrying because plastic bags are more durable and strong than using paper bags. So, you can really expect that the things you are transporting will be intact once it arrived to its destination.

3. No Political will. Even though Cebu City has an ordinance banning the use of plastic bags some establishments continue to use it because the authorities are not serious about their drive to regulate the use of plastic bags. You just give a little "padangog" to the inspectors and you are exempted from the ordinance. Also, LGUs are not doing anything to educate the people on the effects of plastics in the environment.

If only people are well educated and sensitive about the effects of plastics to the environment, then it would be easier to get rid of it. If only people will realize that plastics pose hazards to the animals and plants. Let us not wait that our future generations will see the animals that roam today only in the pictures. Let us help each other so that our children will live in the world as it is today, or even better.

The time is running out. Preserve nature. The time to act is now.

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I wouldn't say we have to get rid of plastics. I'd say we have to make plastics in a way so we can recycle it 100%. It's easy to throw plastic waste away but we all know that's not the solution, not by far. 

Plastic can be recycled in many ways now, not only making bottles out of it. I've seen an Italian documentary about using plastic bottles to make bags of any kind. Those guys were using the bottles to make a kind of fabric out of it. Everything was calculated, every product had the fabric requirements and you knew how many plastic bottles you need for 1 square meter of fabric. This is a wonderful idea that can spread in the world. 

This is only one example and I'm pretty sure there are many, just have to be used. Educational programs could also help, teaching the population how to recycle is key here. 


It is an interesting question. Although we often assume that plastic is garbage and even very identical to dirty. But on the other hand we should be creative and be able to use plastic as a useful product that has added value.

As humans who are given common sense, it should not get rid of plastic or consider it annoying trash. From now on, don't hate plastic, but try to think and musing about the usual plastic you use to make what products?

Getting rid of plastic completely is impossible, but it's also not necessary. What we need to do is learn to stop using low-quality plastic, use it with good quality plastic.

In this case I think that plastic is not a problem, but how do people choose to handle plastic. Because plastic is not bad but what people with plastic do is bad. 

The reason people throw plastic into trash cans and then throw it into the sea is because there is collusion between packaging manufacturers and consumers to use disposable plastic.

Therefore, from now on we must think about using plastic and then be able to use it again to produce useful value-added products.

So stop hating plastic, and work to create products based on organic waste (plastic).



Firstly, plastic covers a wide range of materials that can be biodegradable (example: PLA)

Just a little tour of my apartment, I find dozens of uses for this material. By what will you replace all this plastic?

Plastic is a thermal and electrical insulator that can be transparent, opaque, solid, resistant to heat and chemicals etc and it's a wide material family

A little game. Make me the phone without plastic knowing that:

  • There are printed circuits, wires, integrated circuits, components and it's better if you avoid short circuits
  • That it is necessary to isolate the components of the hull if it is in metal
  • That a phone that warms
  • End the massacre or continue? ;-)

Once it's over I want you to make me headphones and a charger please. Then send it to me to arrive intact

You can resume this game for all the objects mentioned, it may be complicated for at least half of the objects

So yes I also get annoyed that the cucumbers are packed but all the plastic used is not replaceable technically and even less financially (the biggest problem is the) for the moment

So the solution is not to stop producing plastics. We will surely be dead before we see that, too bad

By cons we can make plastic cleaner, better recycle and do not throw everywhere

It can also reduce its use when it is substitutable: bags, clothes, packaging ...

Last but not least: plastic is not necessarily the greenest material I grant you, but it's not always the worst.


Why we can't rid of plastics is that they help us in packaging either foodstuffs, cosmetics and other stuffs.

Plastics have served us a great deal as it is better to use plastics instead of bottled products to avoid quick destruction. Plastic can fall without being broken but bottles are bound to break if dropped.

Plastics can also be used for recycling. So they are of advantage as they can be used to produce more new plastics.

Plastics can be considered as a form of pollution but in my state currently, they are people who specialize in picking up plastic containers from the street and recycling them to manufacture new plastics.


I think we have to tackle the plastic problem a little differently. Plastics should only be used if they can be recycled.

We have all become so dependent on plastics and we all touch it many times during the course of the day. An agreement needs to be reached worldwide that only certain types of plastics can be used. We have to adapt to only use a plastic that can be recycled.

It may cause the prices to rise on certain products, but it is the only way forward. I know car batteries are recycled and are made into other products like flooring.


Money and politics.


Because there aren't enough cheaper alternatives. People are lazy and always looking for an easy fix. We can't even stop using plastics because it's all around us. If we consciously find ways to not use any plastic or buy anything with plastic then of course we can reduce the plastic waste worldwide. 

How many people do you think will do that? We're so set in our ways that we will probably only do it when it's nearly a cause for panic. Ah life. Ah people. It's a pity we are such stubborn and greedy creatures.