Do you see yourself opening up a business of selling stuff through the Steemit blockchain?
If you haven't heard, @dstors is on it's way in developing a shopping platform based on the Steem blockchain. It will incentivise buyers & sellers for their activity to the platform.

No. Not my bag. But great that such new dapps are becoming available for those who’d choose to use...


The community is to small for that imo. Also there is not much interaction on posts and they don't stay relevant for long. + take into account the fact that rankings dropped much for Steemit website. Posts don't get found in search engines as easily like it used to be. But interest for cryptocurrencies has in general dropped a lot, you could also blame it on that. 

I think the best platform for selling things on is youtube. 


YES YES YES. I have heard about dstors and I am so excited about the opportunity it poses. I actually do see myself doing business using the platform. SElling stuff through the Steem blockchain, as well as buying things with Steem.

It is a really exciting and innovative idea that I really can't wait to see materialize. I would be able to sell my products and/or services as well as buy same with the Steem currency. It is all so exciting and I look forward to it.


Seeing myself doing a business on steemit is a NO, buying from those doing a business is a YES. Not everyone is an entrepreneur because just few understand the attribute of an entrepreneur and as such few are prompt to success in their enterprises and others fail, not because the blockchain is unsafe but because of our individual difference.

I see many business opportunities here on steemit and success of such businesses are very high because of

1.The easy form of exchange: steem for services

2.Users: steemit has more than a million users from different countries, so there are higher chances that good number of people would like the kind of service you offer

3.Little or No cost for management: external cost from transportation, salaries for staff etc is not in anyway a problem in online services because no transportation fee is involved .

4.Higher profit: fortunately the price for steem may rise higher than the amount it was originally traded with thus providing a higher benefit for the entrepreneur.


Yes! I see myself opening up a business where I sell stuff on the steemit blockchain. I am a musician, I would be very happy if I come by an opportunity whereby I can sell my songs online through the steemit platform.

I have not heard of @dstors but I actually hope I will be able to sell my music through his shopping initiative.

Shopping through steemit maybe with steem is going to be a great development for steemit users and users will be able to trade on the platform without having to convert the steem to another currency.

I think it will really benefit traders on the blockchain as it will save transaction costs and also save time.

I am looking forward to experiencing an invention of such friend.


Yes already doing it, checkout our website sharkenvy.com we also except other crypto, actually this is a link to the 2 videos discussing the specifics.



Look forward also to trying DStors when it's active.


I am opening a takeaway soon, we are so close that I can taste the burgers, and one thing I would like to do is accept steem as a payment in my shop.

There would have to be a system that someone can come up with were we can accept steem other than using wallet to wallet, as it would be very hard to do if the shop is busy.

Maybe a pre-order your food when you pay with steemit on line option would be a good idea, I don't know but I would however love to have it as a payment gateway at some point.

The problem I have is I have no idea on how to accept steem as a payment in shop.

maybe there is something I have missed in my time on here but I haven't seen anything yet that says that someone can walk into my shop and pay with steem.