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Which one do you prefer? To be a specialist or to be a multi-task person?
There are people who are really good on a certain field while there are some who is able to do almost every task but with low quality. Which one do you think is being valued by companies?

Well the world is actually moving towards a morr specialised tomorrow and ideally specialising in something is seemingly the best choice to make but that's just one way to look at it. The only way specialising in one thing and one thing alone is a good idea is when whatever that thing is is relevant to the society.

You can't specialise in digging wells for people to fetch water from in a community where pipe borne water is what is used. Specialisation can either make or mar you as a professional because if you specialise in only one thing and then something else makes what you do obsolete then things might get pretty difficult for you.

Now a jack of all trades, or better yet a multitasker may not be proficient in everything but at least he's going to be able to do any job you throw at him reasonably well. Based on my experience, companies prefer people like that because they can be trained on how to specialise in one thing but still be flexible enough to handle a job that's not part of what they've been trained to do.

I once went for a seminar on onshore and offshore oil platform installations and the lecturer pointed out how he'd prefer to hire someone young who's got a little knowledge about everything than someone who specialises in one thing and is inflexible. Personally, I think being a multitasker is better, but it depends on what the job requires, if it requires a specialist then being a specialist would be better, but if it doesn't exactly specify that the person must be a specialist then there's probably going to be a plan for training the person and as such, someone who can multitask will be better because you are adding value to them in that field, where as in the case of a specialist, you aren't adding anything.

Look at it this way, would you rather be trapped in a forest with a dagger, or a Swiss army knife. I'd go with the latter.

I hope this helps.


I'll go for being a specialist. No company wants to hire someone who knows what he does but is not really good at it.

These days,companies don't joke with professionals. So it is good for one to learn a particular skill and be good at it. As it will pay when the time comes. Being a multi-task person who cannot solve problems pertaining to your field is useless. So for me, I prefer to be a professional in a particular field. Than be a novice in multi-tasks. Atleast, you should be known for who you are (that is what you know how to do).

Being a specialist pays you well and also you are known globally for that.

Most people get involved in multi-tasks to avoid being helpless when they get are no longer financially stable. We can still learn multi-tasks, but my advice to anyone who wants to learn multi-tasks is that the person should make sure to be an expert in a particular field he/she is learning. That way, you do not find it difficult solving multi-tasks problems.

Specializing in your skill is awesome.


I think being a specialist in one field is far more valuable tHan someone who does a mediocre job that someone will have to end up fixing again anyway.

Whatever I put my mind to I am a perfectionist so ding a bad job wouldn't be what I am happy to do.


i do not like to be jack of all trades and master of none so i actually always prefer to be  a specialist in a particular field and ensure that i am 

a good specialist on that field,well sometimes i try to multi-task but based on my own personal experience i have come to realize that multi-tasking doesn't really work for me,it might work for some other people but it does not just work for me....being a specialist is the best for me and it works wonderfully well for me.....


It's best and more profitable to be a specialist. A specialist is an expert on his or her field and will always produce the best result whenever he or she is called upon. Specialists are well respected and their services are well prized. Instead of one to know a little of everything, it's best to know everything of one thing and be an expert in it.

A jack of all trades is a jack of no trade. Being a specialist command a greater respect and reward than knowing a little of everything


I would go for fifty fifty. Pretty badass in one or two subjects AND being able to multitask. Nothing wrong with that.


@Funtraveller, We know that to be an Specialist is an great aspect and it's important too, but in my opinion "Multi-tasking" in a way is a must because sometimes it really test us and it can bring out the creative side of us and what is much greater aspect than discovering something new in us.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


These are different questions... do you want to know OUR preference, as the headline suggests, or what companies value?

Two completely different answers.

And every company may value differently, for different positions.