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Am I the only one who is annoyed with auto-text replacement feature on my phone?

You are not the only one my dear. It's a very good feature no doubt as it has made typing very easy especially for people who aren't so good with spelling in the first place. I saw firsthand the impact that auto text had on one of my late friend's - God bless him memory - writing. He was someone who couldn't string together a correct set of words. However, his writing greatly improved with auto text.

However, I find it difficult these days to type without having to make-up errors. The app sometimes doesn't follow your exact words you want written. For example, I've noticed these days that whenever I mean to write 'his', I end up seeing 'history'. Also when I want to write 'my', it brings up a string of words in had used in the past.

The thing is that the keyboard I use stores the words and phrases one types so it could be used on a later date. It's for this reason that I detest keyboards. But, once I can get over this hurdle, it's actually a nice invention.

Auto text has helped with those who used to shorten words and corrupt the written English.

Aside that one disadvantage, I'd go for auto text anytime.


Well, it is annoying at times when they got the auto spell wrong on the iPhone. Sometimes I type too fast and it auto corrects the word and replaces it with something else that may not be what I was not the word that I intended to have in my mind.

There have been many situations where the message that have been sent was sent with wrong words as I typed too fast and press send without double checking the message and it got sent out which was pretty embarrassing. I guess this is one part the artificial intelligence hasn't really gotten great at yet that still needs more work on. At the mean time, it is still humans who do better on it.

However, that being said, I like auto corrects sometimes to learn words that I have problems when I spell them. It will be automatically highlighted and i can get the word wrong In spelling for some while but then after the fifth or sixth time, I would be able to spell it.