Can you really enjoy living your life while achieving your greatest dreams?
All of us dream to be successful in our chosen career and at the same time we also want to live a healthy and happy life. Is there a way to achieve this goal without comprising our own health and happiness?

It is a possibility I hope to explore. I think it is easier for one to pursue their dream than it was decades ago. Due to advancement in technology and science man is doing less and machines are doing more. This gives the man the opportunity to explore and live a life of purpose.

For example, I want to be a writer. Some years backs when there were no blogs, no internet, people needed to go to publishing house to get their materials published. But now, it is different. Aside from having the opportunity to publish your work to a large audience, you also have total control of the material and what you put out. This is the same for many people in different career path.

I believe one can pursue their dreams and enjoy the experience. Steemit is providing people with that unique opportunity to earn from their content. Revolutionizing the cybersphere as we speak. That's why I feel it will grow bigger than it already is now.


If those greatest dreams involve a successful career, I'm afraid that will most likely also entail sacrificing enjoying the here and now to one degree or another. It's difficult to imagine becoming very successful without going through considerable  discomfort unless one is unusually lucky.


Yes this is possible. Why? Because I'm experiencing this right now. I'm certain by achieving greatest dreams you are referring to career goals. Well the best way to enjoy life and career goals is to engage in a career that doesn't only bring you money but you enjoy doing. That way you are meeting goals and having fun doing so. Aside that, it's good once in a while to just step out of life, take a break, relax and have fun with friends and family. Life's too short.


I think life is about balance. And I do believe you can enjoy life while you aim to achieve your greatest dreams. For sure, there will be some of the things that you need to sacrifice at first but that does not mean that you may not be able to achieve your goal without living a happy life.

You just need to balance everything out. That is all. It will be difficult for sure but if you really want to maintain good relationships with others, good health, and stay happy, YES YOU CAN!

 I can compare this to cooking. If you think you are not satisfied with the taste, then adjust the quantity and quality of the ingredient/s. If you are not yet satisfied, you need to make adjustments. Through time, you will be able to achieve your greatest dreams at the same time, be happy.



Yeah there is a great joy in doing what you love and achieving your dreams. If you carrier is something that inspires you and you are so much in love with then you are going to have a fun loving and happy life

I will always advise everyone not to be carrier wise everytime at times you got to take sometime off and catch some fun. Get engaged in social gathering then you will be able to be happy and be successful in your carrier path


Yes! I really enjoying achieving my dreams because its my best luck which I receive to my hard working if we hard working for some achieve then we derm them so it's really make us happy. Our dreams achieve also our goldmine