Will you consider your boss as a friend in work and even in your personal life?

Ideally, I think it's actually a good thing to be friends with your boss outside work, it's good to be friends with all your colleagues outside work because it actually builds office builds up more trust amongst colleagues in the work place but then again that's open to debate.

Well personally, I'd like to keep my personal life private. The last thing I want to do is have to deal with my boss at work then maybe invite him to my home for dinner or something. I don't really like the different facets of my life mixing because the person I am at work is completely different from the person I am outside work.

I once worked in an office where just about everyone knew where the other person lived and were great friends outside the office. The problem was that anytime two people had an issue outside of work, it somehow found its way into the office. Funny enough it was mostly the women that had this issue, but nonetheless, it greatly affected the office dynamics.

I also Interned in a company where the people in my office didn't know much about each other, they'd attend each others functions outside work but they weren't really friends. The manager distanced himself from everyone else, at least socially and we all had a work relationship with him and nothing else.

We never had any issues with him or with each other for that matter, at least not outside the office and this made it easier for everyone to do their jobs because nobody had any beef with anybody whatsoever.

I'm going to have to stick with keeping my personal life private and not being friends with my boss outside the office, in my experience, it's the best way to go about things.

I hope this helps.


I prefer to keep my personal life and my work life seperate. I don't need any kind of cross drama from people in either circle not likeing each other. It is less stress keeping them seperate


Certainly some people achieve this delicate balance. for my part, that seems to me hazardous. As much as we can get along, the word "friend" seems to me to imply too much intimacy to be compatible with the hierarchical relationship. While your "friend" is aware of a difficult time you are going through in your personal life, how can your "boss" not take it into account in your professional life without harming your other colleagues. It seems to me very complicated and not even desirable, not to mention the problems of the turbulent times that real friends can go through ...


@Funtraveller, In my opinion, Humans are humans and if two are friends they can showcase that at any place, but in my opinion the extent of behaviour and actions should change because in personal life we are really open but when it comes to work then there are many aspects of behaviour which we have to keep in mind. Stay blessed. 🙂