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Have you ever played the Magic Dice in Steem blockchain? What do you think is the probability in winning or losing in this game?
Someone said he won bigtime while others said they loss bigtime.

I did play Magic Dice days ago and even though I won some liquid Steem from it, I still wouldn't encourage anyone to play with it as it's very risky. XD

However, Magic Dice claims to be another "provably fair" dice game. To some people who don't know how a "provably fair" game works. It's usually implemented like this:

  1. Before you start gambling, you will get a serverseed hash(provided by them) which will be posted to the blockchain. This hash is the proof that the site cannot alter the results once you start your bet. However this one is encrypted so even though you get this, it will not in any way help you to win the bet. 
  2. Next, your browser will generate a random clientseed. 
  3. And then lastly for the nonce (the number that increases with each bet you make) magicdice takes the current blocknumber.

These 3 variables are what makes "provably fair" dice games legit as the system cannot alter the results even if they want to. The users can also verify the result of the roll afterwards if they have doubts. For magicdice, you can verify the hashes here: https://magic-dice.com/verify

So personally for me, the probability of winning in this game is a good 50/50. 


I played magic-dice for about 20 hours. I started with 1 Steem and was winning. I decided to up my stake to 10 Steem and then 20 Steem

I don't know why but it seems like there's some sort of beginner's luck. You always win at first, especially when you play with low stakes. And then the negative rolls keep coming in. KY friends have reported the same thing too.

Anyway, I lost 190 Steem on the platform. Thankfully, a friend reimbursed me. However, I'm never going back.

If you would play the game, preachers determine how much you're going to spend so you don't endure up losing your savings like me or the other guy that lost 2600 Steem


I have not played magic dice however, I have an experience in a similar game at freebitco.in

Magic dice operates as stated in the comment by jlordc and has very much the same principles as that provided by freebitco.in (called multiplier).

You simply choose a multipliers say 2x for example (which means you can win 2 times your bet) and you will be shown the probability of winning the bet then can go ahead and place your bet.

freebitco.in is a Bitcoin faucet and has the multiplier game as one of its features. I used this website to earn a good amount of Bitcoin in about June last year and I withdrew a few times but I was doomed the moment I tried to multiply my earnings using the multiplier.

I ended up losing all my earnings worth 0.009btc and I had to start all over again.

My ambition to recover my lost made my go in search of ways to cheat the system and I ended up tracking someone claiming to have a cheat script. I contacted the guy and payed $4 out of $10 which I agreed to complete it after I had earned from using the script and withdraw on Sunday (there were free withdrawals only on Sundays otherwise, there is withdraw fee).

With this script that I bought, bets were placed automatically and a bet is doubled for every lost for a maximum of 5 straight losses after which it will start all over with the minimum bet amount. Also, whenever a win is encounter, the scripts resets and starts again with the minimum bet amount.

Still, I ended up losing all my earnings once again. On reaching out to the guy who sold me the script, I noticed he had blocked me. This was Facebook!

This last incident marked the end between me and freebitco.in as I had to abandone the website and move on with my life.

From my experience, I guess one would not ask me if I have plans of ever playing magic dice.

• I would strictly advise you to stay far from playing the game.


Most everyone I heard of lost a lot of steem. Like any gambling I believe the odds are not in your favor. I like to bet on more sure things than a computer algorythem rolling imaginary dice.


When you choose the multiplier on website, you will see the probability on winning/losing.

Personal experience:

I made little profit, and I won't suggest you or anyone to do it, started with 1 sbd consequetive wins, reached 11 sbd then consequential losses and came back to 7 sbd.

Gambling makes you void of other pleasures once you become addict to it.