What are the ways to effectively divert your thoughts when having a creative block?

What's interesting about this question is, I've found myself using different ideas to get through a creative block, and it's all been rather hit and miss. Something that worked once, didn't really work again and vice versa.

What I generally find is when I get a block, I'm pressing too hard to make things happen, rather than letting them come naturally. So, getting away for a while, even if it ends up being a day or two, has helped more often than not.

Sometimes, it doesn't even need to be that long. I'll just be doing something else, anything else, and all of sudden, the words, concepts and ideas will just start flowing in my head again. Usually at the least opportune times, too, when I don't have something to write down or record my thoughts with.

That allows me to sit on those ideas and mull them over a while with what I remember of the story so far, and in doing that, sometimes better ideas come along, that wouldn't have appeared had I pounced on the first thoughts that came into my head.

I've tried to force my way through things, too. Just sit down and write something. That doesn't work as often. It just doesn't feel natural and tends to make things worse.

In such cases, it's turned out better to go back and re-read the story from the beginning, maybe do some editing or cleaning up of sentence structure while keeping tabs on continuity. It's happened more than once where the editing has helped put me back on track because I was able to pick up the core and essential parts of the storyline that I was missing from just going off memory, and it's also helped me to remember plot points I had previously come up with I still wanted to incorporate.

I'm not much for keeping an outline. It feels way too much like work, and it also seems to stifle spontaneity and creativity in my case. However, it's been helpful to know some crucial points along the way, particularly a middle turning point and more or less how things should end. That way, things aren't so tight that creativity gets stifled in the event the story comes out different, and not so lax, that here is no framework at all.



Freewrite. Whatever has gotten between you and your creative moment, it will come out and stop blocking the highway to the place you’ve been trying to reach. Sometimes we have more ideas than we can handle, or we think we have run out of them; once we have the words, phrases and sentences on the paper, we can see more clearly what is inside our heads and approach the block from a different angle. We become a different person, virtually, and so we are more critical of what we see. We become our proofreaders. 

When I write a story, usually write two texts. Only one of the story I want to tell; and sometimes, it is my free-written paper the one which meets a reader (revised and edited, for sure).


I laughing to myself. Mostly i've been in this state many times. Ended up with snacks and cola. huehuehue. For me whenever i'm facing such a creative block, i let myself take a break. Eat something, read something, or watch some movies. But one way that having a big affect is reading comic, mostly manga, or webcomic. Inspiration can coming up from various place. Don't deny it, it's even appear when you take a brake on the toilet. so i guess nothing to really stuck of. just relax for a sec. and tryng to enjoy yourself.


@Funtraveller, Whenever we face the Blocks of thoughts, in my opinion we should stop that work for few minutes and we have to continue with something else like, listening music and any other stuff which you like, and in my case i do dance and listen to the motivational videos so that those thoughtful blocks can be disappear. Stay blessed. 🙂


Whenever I am stuck and have a creative block, I usually do something completely different. Works like a charm. :)