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What are the important lessons that you learn too late in your life?

Life gives us so many lessons, we just have to realize that and learn from that. We get some guide in our life journey. They helps us to choose the best path of our life. They may also help us to choose from the right and wrong. But what we learnt from our own life journey may not comes from others.

Sometimes we make it really late to understand what way we should choose and how we should frame our life. The one thing I learned very lately is 'value thyself'. 

I was like a helping hand to others all through my life. So people used to take my time and money also when ever they need it. But when it's comes to me, I didn't find them in some of my life changing situations. It made me realize how meaningless I am to others.

More over, after my wedding, I didn't get the respects from my in-laws the way I wanted to. I was like a dummy to them, because I used to give them what ever they needed. One example could help you to understand better- I used to take leave from my office when they came to visit our house. Because they consumed too much time in shopping and I had to cook for many. That impacted negatively in my career. 

After few years I came to realize how much I need to value myself than give priority to others. There would be nothing in my hand if I could not value myself. If I could give priority to myself, then I may have some value to others also. It also helps me to ignore negligence around me and boost up my positivity.

And it worked. That doesn't mean I started to neglect others. Rather I lift up my choices and decisions to others. That helps them understand how I like to be treated. 

So for me, learning the importance of valuing thyself may come lately but I learned from my life experience and use it to improve myself. 


Love is a transient inclination. It blurs with time and state of mind.

Your issues are prattle and "timepass" for EVERYONE even your bestfriend. The main individuals who really certainly care are your parents. Nobody else. Not in any case your siblings. Eg. On the off chance that you come up short in an exam, your relatives may just feel for you, your folks are the ones who will really confront cerebral pain and search for arrangements.

The actual key to hapiness is actually acceptance. In the event that your sweetheart dumped you or undermined you, acknowledge it wasn't intended to be. Acknowledge that somebody increasingly commendable is intended to be a major part of your life. Pity them and proceed onward.

Awful startling breakups are a gift. You will ONLY acknowledge it after couple of long stretches of having parted ways with somebody you truly cherished. Breakups change your entire point of view and make you develop.

Sex is a negligible demonstration. Its profoundly misrepresented and has little significance. Its advertised for reasons unknown. Sex has nothing huge to do with love. Engaging in sexual relations doesn't ensure an enduring relationship. Its only an act.

There is nothing right and there is nothing wrong,there are only consequences

Life is really about perspective. As I said theres nothing wrong and there is nothing right. Eg. You tell a pornstar engaging in sexual relations isn't right, the individual will chuckle at you. You tell a soldier slaughtering individuals isn't right, he won't really agree about your conclusion. Everybody works according to their own point of view.

The primary driver of hopelessness in life is having relationship with antagonistic people.if you are encompassed with constructive and similar individuals the odds of you being discouraged lessens exponentially.


I learned way to late in life that I should not try to love someone who does not love me back. I wasted so much time on worthless people. Time is the one thing you can never get back in life. Use it wisely. 

  • Life is very very short ..
  • Love is a transient feeling. It fades with time and mood.
  • Your problems are gossip and hobbies for EVERYONE, even for your best friend. The only people who really care are your parents. Nobody else. Not even your brothers and sisters. For example, if you fail an exam, people around you may be sympathetic, but it is your parents who will face the headaches and seek solutions.
  • The key to happiness is acceptance. If your girlfriend or boyfriend dumped you or cheated on you, accept that it was not supposed to happen. Accept that someone more worthy is made to be in your life. Have pity on them and move on.
  • The terrifying ruptures are a blessing. You will only realize it after a few years of breaking up with someone you really liked. Ruptures change your whole perspective and make you mature.
  • Sex is only an act. It is very overrated and has no meaning. It's hyped for no reason. Sex has nothing to do with love. Having sex does not guarantee a lasting relationship. It's just a performance.
  • There is nothing wrong. There is nothing good. There are only consequences.
  • Life is a question of perspective. As I said, there is nothing wrong and nothing good. For example, if you tell a porn star that it's wrong to make love, he or she will make fun of you. If you tell a soldier who kills people that it's wrong, he does not care about your opinion. Everyone operates according to their own perspective.
  • The main cause of misery in life is having relationships with negative people. If you are surrounded by positive and like-minded people, the chances of you being depressed will decrease exponentially.
  • Life begins when you stop contact with a toxic person. If you are dealing with someone toxic (ex gf / bf), take that person out of your life.
  • Being friends with an ex who dumped you will only cause more pain. Because the day they will have a new partner, guess what, they will still dump you. It will hurt even more.
  • As Conor McGregor says - "there is no talent here, I am obsessed". If you think about it, work, dream, talk about it, do everything in your power to get something, the universe will make sure you get it. Feel it in your blood. Without saying it, work hard to make it happen.
  • Do not engage with any boy or girl until the age of 24 years minimum. Be loyal, of course, but do not engage. The choices change as you get older.
  • If you are going through a difficult time, keep telling yourself that everything is going well and that you will become stronger through this experience.
  • Time heals EVERYTHING, but only if you let it go. So when something bad happens, be optimistic about the future.
  • With most emotional ties that do not work. Strange fact: you start as strangers and you end up becoming strangers.

Life is the name of challenge. In every day challenge your learn a lot of lesson. Life teaches me to remain happy in every condition. Remain contented what you have in life. Don't compare yourself with others. It is wise to live present life, your past live will give you grief and sorrow, your future life will stress you. Enjoy the every moment of life and don't trust any one. Be humble and polite


Personally speaking the lesson that you cannot rely blindly on others or trust others unconditionally.








@Funtraveller, It can sound as usual but I've learned one thing lately and that is, think before taking decisions and not afterwards. Stay blessed. 🙂