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If given a chance, will you climb up to the summit of Mt. Everest? What would be your reason or motivation to do so?
Based on my search through wikipedia.org, there are over 297 people that are reported to have died trying to climb Mt. Everest. And yet, there are still people who wanted to climb it. Each of them have their own reasons for doing so. What will be yours?

Well, I don't think I would. Usually I guess, there are people who have this dream of conquering the beast. It requires lots of cash too other than patience. I have climbed the highest mountain in Malaysia which is Mount Kota Kinabalu and it was pretty tough and the highest point was only at 4095 metres which is around 13000 plus feet which is half of Mount Everest. It was pretty tough and I constantly felt like I was about to die. 

I was just now sure if I was gonna fall off the Mountain. It was pretty scary. Non stop three days of tracking and only about a few hours of sleep. There was no proper toilet halfway towards the Mountain and I had to use the toilet which was located Half way to the peak and it was really awFUL. The moment I opened the covers, I could see some black poop inside. It was one of my worst toilet experience. 

When I was climbing back down, my knees was in hell. It felt so darn painful and it hasn't fully recovered till today. It's not like how it used to be. There is still some pain almost four years on after that climb. 

Climbing Mount Everest is something that everyone has in their minds especially as an adventure for anyone who wants to conquer their fears. Imagine climbing till the top part and seeing many bodies or some land slide comes. Those people who climbed up to the mountain I guess had some preparations of death. It's like being in the army. Whenever, a soldier goes into war and goes into battle. The feeling of death is constantly there and surrounds the person in their mind. If those who can conquer it, it will be something that is an achievement that no one could usually do. It's just like going to space. Only a few have done it. 

Those bodies are now markers. Imagine being a dead on mount everest and no one could ever retrieve those bodies. I have seen in many documentaries and one of the most famous bodies is green boots. It is used as a point of location to know where exactly the climbers are at. 


Actually I have heard a lot about the mount Everest.

To hear about that huge figure who died trying to climb the mount Everest, I will it brings much more fear to anybody trying to climb it than even the fear of climbing it already. Many people will wonderful for about 200 people should have died when trying to climb the mount Everest, what will I be thinking of trying to do the same thing.

Actually to me, I will not try climbing it because of the fear of death when trying to climb it and also the fear of this huge figure who have died when trying to climb it.

For me, if the reason of climbing the mount Everest is overcome your fear, there are much better way to overcome your fear than this option of climbing mount Everest and also if your reason for climbing the mount Everest is for adventure, there are also many best adventure you can engage in that will be much more fun than climbing a mountain that have claimed more than 200 lives. To me, I will not try climbing the mount Everest because of the fear.