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How do you feel about school homework? Should students really be given homework? Or should they just enjoy spending time doing personal stuff?

Hey @funtraveller. In the context of your question, students would generally be related to the basic school, college and the higher institutions.

As a student, at a time I always thought the point of assignments was just to punish us and give us tough times to not enjoy our weekends. But looking deeply into it, homework are a good trainer of students. Homework giving have the following advantages;

1. Teach one to be independent....

Independent? In whatway? You see as a student, you can be given a class work and you could just copy from a friend and not do any works, submit and get good grades. But with assignments, you get to do it at home and by yourself. Without no or few supports.

2. Teach one time management

When students are given homework and at the same time have personal things to do in their personal times, giving homework will actually teach the student to create a timetable to fit in his homework and get his personal stuffs to done at the same time. Knowing fully well that if he prioritizes one over the other, he would bear the consequences in one way or the other.

3. Teach one to make decisions and be responsible

When a student is faced with whether to do his assignment or do his personal stuffs, he is forced to create a mental list of the disadvantages and advantage of doing his assignment and personal stuffs. Thus way he can make a decision of which one he can do over the other or how he can handle both the homework and personal stuff. Being able to do thus teaches student to be decision makers and also prepare them to be responsible individuals.

4. Teach one to reason without support

While doing the homeworks, the student has to do the homework alone at home in one corner of the home, and parents tend to leave them to it. So they can rack their brains alone to get their .

5. Improve ones skill personally

Being able to do their homework alone also teaches a student to be able to think for himself and also prepare himself to be correct or be wrong in the homework. It prepares the student for the part of life that will be good and bad where there is failures and success. Prepares the student to be a risk taker and teaches the atudent problem solving

And in some way and finally, improve communication skills.

Communication skills. How? When a student is given an assignment, he has a choice to ask for help from elderly ones or the parents. Where communication skills comes in is a case scenario where the elder that can be of help is that elder he wishes not to talk to or is scared of. The student wants to finish his assignment so he his compelled by reason to comport himself and approach the elder for help. Voila, communication skill has been built, friends made. Progress in one's peraonality.

That has actually happened to me. I had to approach that elderly man that always frowned and lash out at younger ones. He became my friend the day I went to ask for help from him.


So, in conclusion, I support the notion that homework should be given to students. This helps them in ways that they do not expect.


I think school homeworks are needed but there has to be a balance, those need to be given carefully, so not to take up all the free time of the children. Time is precious and kids at that young age are fragile. There has to be a balance, they need time to play and rest. Otherwise the whole school and learning would become a burden.

I've seen school systems in Scandinavian countries where kids have no homework, they go home and can enjoy their free time playing and doing what they want. It works perfectly for them. In other countries kids stay in school in the afternoon and study till late and when they get home they are so tired they only want to go to bed. What kind of life is that for a kid? Their childhood is taken over, controlled and I'd say stolen. I don't agree with that kind of aggressive teaching.

School is to teach kids, they should learn while in school, their free time is theirs to play and enjoy life with family. Homework need to be adjusted accordingly.


Homework, hmmm. Well, i might just be bias about this answer. I for one was never a straight A student back in the day and i had some difficulty assimilating as fast as mates did. I thought of how to get my grades up ao that i wont fail and then it dawned on me quite early that homework pays off.

I used my take home work to boost my grades as they were part of the end of the session marks. Aside from that, home work helpd the teacher understand whether you as the student gets what they have been teaching. They get to know your weaknesses and strengths and they can figure out how to work from there to give you a better understanding of the subject.

Homework for the most part has alot of advantages which includes improving the child's thinking and memory. Homework helps the child think deep in a quiet environment like the home and they work by themselves thereby helping them boost their memory.

Homework helpd the child be take responsibility for their work and also helps the child cover what was taught in class as they work.

Take home projects help your child integrate learning by combining book reports and external reading material, libraries and websites. It also helps the parents know what their children are being taught in school and helps them communicate this to the children. Lastly, it helps the child maje good use of their time and gives an insight to what the next days class would be like.


Yes! Homework is super important to students.

Since homeworks are taken home, the teacher doesn't directly supervise the students. Hence, they can seek help from friends and parents at home. That said, i do not think Homeworks are given to test a student's knowledge on the subject. Rather, it goes beyond that to test some vital skills such as the student's dedication and commitment to hardwork, research and sticking to deadlines. Homework also teaches a student time management. They'll have to let go of a bit of fun at home to get their homework done. 


Home works are really needed to help keep students brain active so they can align with what was being taught them in school. It helps students to be more functional in academic activities and to test their skills and knowledge on a particular topic.

Without homeworks, student will tend to forget what has been taught them by their teachers easily as they might feel lazy on their own to revise on the particular topic. Students know how well they understand a topic when they are being given homework, so I encourage teachers to go ahead with the homework method as it helps build a students intellect.

Thank you for this good question. We are rest assured a student who answers his or her homework well has an upper hand in gaining knowledge than the student who only was taught the topic but refuses to revise it in preparation for test or examinations.