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In public toilet, do you sit directly or cover or hover while doing your thing on it?
I heard somewhere that 9/10 studies claim that sitting directly on a public toilet seat is considerably safe and it is less likely to catch a disease by doing so. Will you believe this? What is your take on this?

I do not feel safe using public toilets because I might get infected. In the case whereby I am really pressed then I have to clean the toilet seat thoroughly with a tissue paper and then sit on the cover. The reason I do this is because I am aware of the fact that men do not easily contact diseases in public toilets but women to. But these days there are such disease which are contacted through fluid, by air etc. So one has to be very careful when thinking of using public toilets.

Most times I have to hold myself until I get home or rather rush to a friend's place or go back home as the case maybe, because the way people handle public toilets is nothing to write home about.

Sometimes in the past, I remember I have considered hovering too because I could not just imagine myself sitting on the toilet seat. It can be funny when I remember such events took place. You know there are some kinds of food one might take into the system and then you have to face the consequence of visiting the toilet constantly if you do not want to disgrace yourself in public.


I rarely use public toilets because I don't want to have infections. However, there are times when it's inevitable especially when mother nature calls at the wrong time.

I remember vividly my first few years as a student in the university. It wasn't easy because I wasn't used to sharing toilets with so many people. I'd go to the toilets and find most of them messed up. It was hell. The issue was that there were too many students using the few available amenities and so they were stressed.

I remember having an infection within my very first few weeks there. It was on campus that I learnt how to hover and squat rather than sit on the toilet seat. I learned to do so after getting infected. It has affected me so much that even years after leaving the hostel, I can barely sit down on the toilet seat. What I saw during my first two years when I stayed in that hostel was terrible and left a mark in my memory.

I'm slowly regaining the consciousness that things have changed. If one finds himself in at home where he has a toilet to himself, there's no problem with sitting directly on the toilet seat. By the way, I like to have my bath immediately after using the toilet these days. I feel cleaner that way.


I usually sit on it. If there is a squatting toilet I would chose that so I can hover above it while I unload the nuclear bombs.

I think in some ways it is rather safe to just directly sit on the toilets. I have done so since I was young and I am still here. Hehe. Usually I use public toilets when I am in a really urgent mode. If it's not urgent I would prefer going back home to use the toilet. If I am near a hotel, I would go to a hotel. Just looking at how beautiful a hotel is, makes the toilet experience good. There is great jazz music on the background. Usually I will check if there is water or not that can be used for cleaning. If there is then it would be safe. There are two types of public toilets that exist here in Malaysia,. The first type is the public toilet found out in the outdoors. It's just like a toilet built outdoors just for the use of the public. You pay 20 cents. The other type is the public toilet in the mall.

I will usually go for the ones in the mall and hunt for the floors where there would be less traffic so it would be cleaner.

Well, I don't advice the use of toilets by squatting directly on it as it can be dangerous as our weight can be too much for the toilet bowls to carry and there are many instances where the whole toilet bowl breaks into pieces while people have squatted on top of it and i guess you can imagine the horror that follows.