If Steem survive the bear market and be valued at around $2, will you keep powered-up or will you cash out?
There was a time when Steem reach its high price and there a lot cash-out that happened. Will it be the same case if Steemit survive the current down trend?
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I can hardly even Power Up nowadays, because I am earning only a few cents with most of my Steemit posts, and I can't invest fiat money in cryptocurrencies, because my real life income is very low. My real life monthly income nowadays is 68 480 HUF, which is currently (2018.11.27, 19:12 CEST) only $239.01 USD, because $1 USD is currently 286.52 HUF.  

As we know that most users of Steem want prices to go up to the moon. Because the price of steem is one of the triggers and encouragement for writers in Steemit. However, on the other hand when the price of steams drops like current prices, then it is a great opportunity for those who want to buy steem and then they power up as steem power. The author will be very excited if the price of steem rises, they even aspire and make dreams if the price of steem will rise at a price above 7 USD

I will survive even if that happens. The reason is, I am a user and not an investor, so I persevered and remained enthusiastic. Every day I make posts and works that are in accordance with the field that I am interested in. I as a teacher teaches at one of the schools where I live now. I get a lot of information on the steemit platform and I teach my students at the school where I teach.

I will keep powering up and consolidated my account, no matter what the price of Steem is.

I'm thinking long term, I'm here to stay and not for the money. I admit, it's a nice way to earn but I'm not planning to take any Steem out, not in the near future.

Those who were here only for the money are long gone. There's another category that invested at a higher price, those I guess are going to take money out in order to cover their losses. That's understandable, this is a game, you think it's the right time to invest, then it turns out you made the wrong decision. Or you invest and get lucky.

I think powering up no matter the price of Steem is the best idea if you want to consolidate your account. Having more SP helps you earn more. Of course the SP alone won't get you and extra profit, you have to work for it, have to use it wisely.

So my answer, I won't cash out in the near future unless a catastrophe occures and I can't get funds elsewhere, which I hope will never happen.

Yes I will partly cash it out because I think this bear run has been really extended and without any income no one can survive although steemit is not my primary income source but since i have stake and that to ....when it was at 1.8 USD, it will be fair for me to cash out a portion of it when it reaches that break-even.

However a part of it will always remain locked in my steem power as that is as per my financial plan and the goal of engagement in steem community.

I know most people will have that eagerness the moment it touches 2 or 3 usd per steem and the reason is that they have already seen steem crashing to 0.3 usd recently. But that is all the parts and parcel of transformation in the market and the price action action of an asset.

I wish steem at least trade in a stable manner above 1 usd in 2019.

Thank you and Have a great day.

$2 is nothing, so I would keep powering up. I am really here for the long term, and think that Steem is so under rated now with all of the great dapps and developments going on - I think it could go to $10, $20 or even more in the future - and I will still be here :)

I think that we see peoples 'true colors' when we see when they power down and cash out. Yes some people need the money to live, but if your like me and dont really need the money (and believe in the future of Steem), then powering down in the short term doesn't make much sense.

I dont think I would ever get to the point where I could live off the income from my posts anyway, so I will just slowly accumulate and power up!

I would not completely cash out. This is because I have some Steem(not Steem Power) which I have saved up. To sell off when the market reaches its high.

I may cash out part of my Steem Power which I have acquired over time but I just wouldn't completely cash out for any reason. I love Steem and have found a family here. Cashing out means I would be giving up on Steem. If I could stay on Steeming during its low, then what do you think I'd do when it's high? I'd definitely stay put and sell my liquid Steem instead of cashing out. 

Infact, that would be the perfect time to make more since I upvote will be worth a bit higher.

My main strategy now is to just convert all that I earn to Steem power till I reach Steem power of at least 1000. Currently my Steem power is 169. Another 800 plus to go to get there. Well, the more the bears have been here to hunt, soon the bulls are gonna take over. If the bulls doesn't take over, then we are going for a titanic sink. But well, I am sure it will float. I am going to convert as many Steem power as I possibly convert to. After that I will collect some earnings to cash out.