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Is there a possibility that a payment method using Steem is as easy as using Apple pay?
I believe all Steemians want this to happen in the near future 😊

That's not possible looking at the current state of the blockchain technology today where every project offers new features like higher scalability, faster and uninterruptable transactions, and superior business model. But, it would take a lot of development process to do so because as we look at the steem blockchain today or should I say almost all blockchain-inspired projects, they are all decentralized and solely reliable to some limited resources/nodes and supercomputers. That say, it will be too slow compared to some centralized businesses and financial systems. Another thing is that cryptocurrencies today are still subjected to another hand which is the third party businesses.

Not unless if cryptoccurencies will be recognized as a new revolutionary technology and not just an mere piece of a virtual coin, we can have those lightning fast transfers and payments in the near future.

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Apple Pay is centralized with the primary design goal being scalability. Steem, however, is decentralized. Decentralization involves sacrificing some degree of scalability. That is not to say Steem would not be able to scale quite a bit. Steem has three-second block processing time and variable block size. A hypothetical future 200-million-daily-user Steem will have humongous blocks. If Steem is to be used by hundreds of millions of daily users, witnesses won't be computer racks in a room in somebody's apartment. They will be datacenters. 


Of course it is possible the blockchain technology has practically no limit in what can be implemented, and in fact that is what has been wanted and pursued from the beginning with the cryptocurrencies, which are an asset that can be used regularly in our day to day and in a safe and easy way.

However, in order for this to happen, several things must happen first, such as for example that cryptocurrencies are finally recognized as the money of the future and not as a simple passing technological fashion that has been dragged almost by force by those who use and promote it.

Second that the existing platforms begin to integrate more practical and useful wallets that allow access to networks and payment channels as other platforms like Paypal and skrill do.

And third that there is a consolidation and stabilization of the market after all no one wants to be like the man who used 10k BTC to pay two pizzas.

For me the current ecosystem of steem is perfect for the implementation of a payment service such as Paypal or Apple pay as it has a solid, secure and easy to use wallet, so the next thing would be to create the output interface to other platforms so that you can automatically perform the exchanges between different cryptocurrencies and organic money.


That's quite possible even easier that apple pay. Your question took me to the time when we used Steem or SBD to buy coffee and cakes. It happened a half year ago where our coffee shops and street bakery that belong to steemians accepted steem or sbd as payment. We just sent them such amount of steem through steemit wallet as much as the price tag. Done! We called steem coffee...and now we are looking forward to doing it again.


i think its a dream that could be fulfilled. and i think it is realizable. its not something that could be achieved over night but through persistence, marketing and  hard work. it will be achieved in the not so distance future. i think all steem could do to achieve this to make their crypto price more stable and try to increase the popularity among people. and then do more promos and add extra incentives of trading with steem