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Is spamming accepted by the Steem blockchain?
Since the advent of the Steemit's RC system most of the common spamming accounts was eliminated or was brought down ~ it's because their SP isn't enough to sustain their activities. How about large SP accounts? Are they allowed / technically accepted to do "spam-like" activities since they have the stake to support it? What is your take on this?

>Are they allowed / technically accepted to do "spam-like" activities since they have the stake to support it? 

Obviously the Steem community hates "spammy" contents but it is quite a stretch to say that the community really condemns such actions seeing as almost NO ONE ever bothers to stop (downvote) those people (aside from SteemCleaners) mostly because of fear of retaliation and downvoting contents costs VP.

As for scenarios in which a large account do "spam-like" activities, unfortunately as what I've observed after being on this platform for almost a year now is that SteemCleaners do not even dare touch them. 

So my take on this is simple: In theory, large accounts can do spam-like activities for the simple reason of no one will dare touch them (in fear of retaliation) but in reality, given the unequal distribution of power on the platform (99% of Steem accounts in Steem has only less than 500SP) there really is nothing we can do. Even if 85% of the planktons/minnows decided to downvote them, it will still not be enough. This is the sad truth of the Steem Blockchain at the moment. XD 

All will change if the middle-class (the dolphins) can outnumber the orcas and whales in terms of stakes.


In a platform like steemit, HF20 has really a helped a lot to keep a check on spamming because with resource credits in place one has to have sufficient RCs to post numbers of comments. And the normal spammers are at bay now which is good for this platform. But hardcore spammers still exist as having or taking delegated 30/40 SP is not a big deal for them and if one is a seasoned spammer and knows all the tricks to make some bucks they are always in the scene.

In a decentralized platform, it becomes extremely essential to put stringent rule in place to keep spammers out of this ecosystem other wise being democratic and decentralized platform, spammers will always have their way. HF20 is one step to check the spammers and it is just the beginning and we have a lot more to do to make this platform free from spammers completely.

Large SP accounts normally do not spam and there has been no such trend as of now. The reason is obvious. Do you think who will stake in a platform like this will encourage abuse ?  Obviously no. Because the reward pool is based on inflation and that inflation is going to affect all the stake holders and any abuse is an indirect abuse to all stake holder and that is why in a generalized sense large stake holders do not spam. However there is no such concrete theory or proof to claim this and it is a generalized view only and no matter what SP you have, if one is determined to spam, then you can not stop it in a decentralized platform like this.

Thank you and Have a great day.


Spamming is a big threat to the integrity of this blockchain platform. While the prices were hiking back in early 2018, many spammers created a lot of account and some went to bid bot system. High sp account holders are needed to be concise as their votes play a big role in the steem world. Some people went to make quick bucks by cheating the system and sometimes favoring specific account. Grumpy cat made a change by regulating bid bots upvotes for maximum 3.5 days old post but the way of forcing rules isn't good at all. Resistance took the stand against Grumpycat on such behavior. At the end grumpycat withdrew its policies.

Themarkymark has created a global steem blacklist which also contains some big sp holders name so there is no favoring to big sp spams.

Patrice is also running steem-cleaners with a motive of taking down all the spammers from steem blockchain.

Additionally, the steem blockchain transaction is so transparent that any cheat can be easily tracked and taken down within few hours.


This is an ambiguous question

As far as the Steem Blockchain is concerned, anyone with enough Resource Credit can make a comment or post.

However the Steem community doesn't and will never accept spamming. The recent hard fork tried to make that impossible. Plus fhere are accounts that actively flag spammers

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I actually did not know that they changed the SP in the recent HF to disrupt the spammers. I used to get many grayed out comments. 

I feel interaction in the comment sections are little lacking at the moment on the steemit platform. That is why I think Musing is so great for steem. It really creates valid interaction and thoughtful comments.

There is currently a spam war going on. I rather not get involved in the politics of steemit. People are just trying to prove a point.

I think a approach that could help is: name and shame. If you spam or up vote only your own posts then Steemians will and should make posts to shame you with stats, after all everything is recorded on the chain.

And there are many pages dedicated to doing this very thing.

At the end of the day. We should be able to handle much more data on the block chain if we want main stream adoption. Spam will only force steemit's team too make improvements for storage. Just like we have seen recently with the release of MIRA.

Although spam is bad. The amount of data we are creating are pushing advancements in tech and ideas.


On the steemit platform, spamming is not allowed. My own understanding of spamming is sending a particular comment to people repeatedly.

The HF20 update has helped users to now monitor the actual number of comments one can make on the blockchain. So if your resource credits (RC's) is not enough, you cannot make series of comments.

I really commend the steemit team for coming up with the idea of resource credits as the level of spamming on Steemit has reduced severely. It is really a commendable effort by the team.

So to answer your question, spamming is not acceptable on the steem blockchain.