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As a commoner, is there a way to fight against corruption aside from going to the street and rally?

Yes I think there is, in fact there are lots of ways to fight against corruption without marching out in the streets and or going to rallies and I'll list out a few.

1. Stand up to corrupt people: No matter where you are and no matter who the person is, standing up and opposing all forms of corruption around you is one way of fighting against this menace. You don't have to wait till the corruption gets to the government before you say something about it.

2. Stamp out corruption in the minds of the youths: Well a part of me firmly believes that this present generation and it's predecessors are almost "unsavable" when it comes to the nature of corruption in our hearts and minds, especially for those of us in African countries. My solution is to simply make sure that we help the next generation imbibe the spirit of transparency and honesty. That way, there won't be a need to fight corruption if it dies with this generation. Making sure that this happens is one way you can fight corruption.

3. Set a good example: It's easy to go out and say that you're completely against corruption, it's easy to say that you aren't corrupt, I don't think that any corrupt person ever openly came out and said they were corrupt, at least not until they were caught. In your fight against corruption you must first make sure that you yourself aren't corrupt and by so doing you set a good example for others. Words are powerful, but in this world, it's your actions that matter, if you live an incorruptible life then surely there will be people who will see it and emulate it.

I hope this helps.


I would like to tackle these regarding the question:

1. Street and rally- I wonder if these ones will work Gone are the times when rallies are really for a change for the better. Its concept has changed considering many people are using rallies or protests as a part-time job. Imagine people are going to rally often, and many of them has no jobs. Who are supporting them? Who's behind these protesters? These protests are obviously funded by big people who cannot even stay for an hour in a protest rally. Those funders has personal agebda why they want to bring down a certain government, or why they are supporting one's rulership. Yes, many protesters are being paid.

2. Fight against corruption- The sad thing is corruption runs in the blood of many people. Have you ever noticed why we see the same people and surnames in politics? There is what we call political dynasty. Then why they're still there? Because people voted for them. Now, if you don't want corrupt politicians, then don't vote for them. Research about these politicians for you to judge who you will vote.

3. The problem with corruption- Why are the corrupt politicians still there? It's because people voted for them. Media can be blamed because of their biases. They're being paid, and they will sensationalize issues against a politician who's the opponent of their preferred politician. Another problem is vote buying. People will vote a politician in exchange for money. Hence, you can clearly see that a politician buying vote makes him a corrupt politician. Can people be blamed too for this? Yes and no!

* Yes- The reason why some politicians buy votes because they knew people can easily be bribed for a vote. It's becoming a cycle.

* No- Some politicians are violent. In places were politics is extremely a strong issue, politicians are willing to kill. If you are not going to vote for them, you will either be killed or a member of your family. A sad thing but it happens.


There is and it's more complicated to do than going to a rally to participate. We are in the digital age and this is the age where information is more guarded. The conventional approach is to vent out public frustration about corruption. The better approach is engaging in information gathering tactics that could expose corruption. It's not mission impossible to just find ways to steal documents from suspected corrupt politicians. There are ways even laypeople could apply to expose dirty little secrets. The problem is how far will you go down the rabbit hole before you know there's no turning back. Information wars is dangerous business and getting yourself killed is the minimum you need to worry about. 


My humble suggestion is if you have a good plan and wish to have a corruption free country. It is not until we go to protest on the street because most times we might even go to protest and end up getting ourselves killed or locked up or even injured.

I think they are programs that are being aired on either the television or the radio which actually talks about the affairs in a country. I think bringing up corruption issues without mentioning people names could help fight the course.

We humans want change, but we fail to understand that the change we see has to start from us first so even though we might be commoners we need to start looking at things from a positive angle and also start acting positively. We might be commoners today and tomorrow it's a different story. So if we need to fight corruption then we must first of all free ourselves from the corrupt mindset.

Most people protest about having a bad leadership, but once they are voted to represent their people, they do even worse than the past leaders. This is painful to the society.


The best way to fight anything is to the fight yourself. If this is not the best way, it is indeed one of the best ways. Our actions have a ripple effect on the world. Bad acts mostly causes bad ripple effects. An act of evil on one side of the world might motivate same in another part of the world or even cause more harm in the generation to be.

More so, humans seem to be natural conformers, when you do good or bad, there are people that will conform with that act and do likewise. So you see that changing the world has to do with changing yourself first which can be done without going to the streets to riot.