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Which one best describe your work personality, a person who work hard or the person who work smart? And why do you think that what you chose is better than the other?

Work Hard Or Work Smart.
I have worked in a lot of otganizations. Some for a long time, some for a short time. One thing I noticed is that the heads like to use and drain the life force out of you. Especially when they see you got capabilities.
Some would drain you off so the upper management can't see your superpowers and you can't steal their work.
So in this type of situation when am found in it, I dont just work hard, I work smart in a manner that they will know am capable, but the upper management would see the best of my activities wherever I am placed.
Working smart has actually helped me to gain influence and respect in a particular organization I worked at before.
I know what I chose is better because as dolly Parton said "why work hard for a boss that won't give you credit for it" so I just work for who should see me work well. And not less for who should not see me at full capabilities. 


I work hard and smart ,smart hard worker that's who I am , that's the best way to describe my personality.

Working hard is fine but it might take a longer time to achieve what you want to achieve but working hard and working smart is awesome as this ensure to achieve your goals in time. With this establish I will like to say hard work pays but you just have to be smart too.

Hard work without been smart will in most cases result to waste of time and enegy.

This image perfectly explain hardwork and smart work as you can see the other guy with the load on its head and the guy in front finding a way to work smart. They are doing the same task, one is just smarter and that's the best way to do any work. The hard worker will get exhausted easily and the smart worker will get it done fast and still have time to do other stuff.


I try to work smart and hard! For maximum productivity, and then maximum free time :-)

But as I am also a bit lazy (I believe), I tend to try to work smarter mostly...


By work smart, the world has changed a lot more times than it has been through work hard. Thinking about different aspects of technology, career, business etc., a thinker thinks. How the success can be achieved, or what will be changed in the near future, a think-tank is analyzed from different aspects.

So you can also form a career as a think-tank. You might think it's very hard but it's wrong. If you follow 6 regular methods, then you can be a think thinker.

Find out about these six methods

 1.  valuable content

You can earn a reputation as a think-tank in many ways. However, most of the thinkers in the world have started their career by writing articles on their own blogs or by sending others to their blog as a guest writer or newsletter.

2.  advice or advice

By answering the questions of the people or by sharing their experiences on something, you can also establish yourself as a think-tank.

3.  others

If you want to establish yourself as a think-tank, then you will not have to run your own campaign. You also have to ask others, know more and listen to others carefully.

4.  if you have any feedback

If you consider yourself as a think-tank, you have to be vocal against any injustice or if you have any opinion of yourself as a logical one, you must freely express it.

5.  personality

When you run your campaign as a think-tank, then as people will see your inner talent, you will also see your outer personality.

6.  in time

The greatest asset of man is time. If you use the time better you can succeed in any field. Similarly if you want to establish yourself as a successful thinker or thinker, you must spend regular time.


To Me , Both Should Be Same ; No Differentiation!! Thus I am a Hard Smart Worker.

Productivity Is a Function of Effort(Labour and Mental) But to get the Maximum,Effort Must Applied In The Right Environment and Time, Which Most Reffered as Being Smart.

So, Work Ought To Be a Blend of Hard and Smart Effort Directed at l Rewards.