Do you think a daily newsletter by Steemit Inc will be a good idea?
Although Steemit Inc has been consistently posting through their feed, I believe a daily newsletter from them would be helpful in keeping motivation and encouragement across the platform. What do you think of this idea?

I think instead of daily newsletter "pinned post" related to the important updates and briefing would be a good idea.

In the trending page .....any updates in the form of pinned post is enough and I think almost the entire crowd in the community definitely browse the steemit trending page, so when they see a message or updates from steemit in the form of pinned post, they will definitely check it out and in a recent development Ned has started doing that and that is a most welcome initiative and we all want to see such updates from time to time in the trending page, so that without visiting ned's blog or steemit' blog we will be able to directly browse it from the trending page and that will be more than enough to stay updated about the current and the upcoming development of steem community.

A separate daily newsletter may not prove that effective in my honest opinion and further it will need an extra amount of effort for them and at a time when steemit Inc is doing all cost cutting measures and struggling hard, it will not be a good idea to publish daily newsletter.

Thank you and Have a great day.


Believe it or not, no one like to receive newsletter everyday. No one like to read those newsletters everyday. So, daily newsletter is a strict no-no for any marketing strategy. 

Another fact, no one want their mail boxes be spammed by newsletters.

Regarding the updates from Steemit, it can be summarized every month. Monthly update on the activities along with some stats. It should also participate in global conferences, hackathon etc to publicizes the amazing blockchain we have. 

STEEM blockchain has more potential than what it is being utilized now. It requires hell lot of marketing and move away from perception that it is 'yet-another-blogging-platform'. 


I don't think a daily newsletter is something practically possible. It will become a overhead for them. If at all they have to do something like that, there has to be a dedicated resource doing this particular task alone. I don't see that as a great idea.

But a frequent update from the team is really appreciated to keep all the members of the platform informed. It will also be nice if the update is non technical as well. Most of the members in the community are non technical and find it difficult to follow the updates.


I don't think this would be a smart idea. Development takes time and isn't just going to happen overnight.

There would be days of no updates and some users wouldn't understand. SMT 's have been on the go for nearly 2 years so how many updates would you expect. This would not be a realistic expectation and I think it would create more problems than good.

i am not technical and understand that these things can't be rushed. I want a decent project at the end of the day and not something that has just been rushed through to keep certain people happy.


I would not opt for a daily newsletter, that's for sure. That could be annoying and I'm telling you from experience.

A newsletter however would be helpful, whenever there's something important we should know about. I would make that optional so each of us could choose.


Nope i think it's not a good idea. It's enough to know what happen on our feed, because i dont like too much notification too.


It would be tedious if every Steemian would receive a newsletter. Creating a post from either Ned or Steemitblog is fine, and put it at the pinned post would work like what they did on Ned's recent post.