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Do you think there's truth behind the popular notion that machines are deemed to kill humanity in the future?
It seems that the majority of fiction movies are featuring machines / AI (s) will aim to take over humanity and try to conquer the world under their rule. Are we just imagining things thatmight not even happen or there is some truth to it? What is your take on this?

This is really hard to predict. I guess, maybe one day when machines are able to program their minds and understand the way humans think, then there may be a risk of machines taking over. There are a few scenarios that i can think would happen.

Imagine at a point of time in the future, where machines help automate all those repetitive work that requires us to usually do it are done with machines instead. These machines can then automate the whole repetitive task while what we need to do is to make sure that the programming is right. Imagine having a few machines that could do such work. We could have a better quality life in the future and work less hours as our work can be aided by robots instead. Hard stuff that could risk human life could be replaced with a machine.

The mistakes would be less. The economy I guess by then would still run well or even better and machines could really provide accurate data on areas of improvement without being tired. I guess in the future, we could have a chance to earn cash at every single minute of our life.

The second scenario, what if machine grew so smart that they start to think of us as abusers and they start to program their fellow machines and this could go down fast as every device would be connected at such a 5g or maybe at a point of time of 7g connections which would make machines able to communicate with the other machines really fast. Then it starts this zombie like trance.. All machines would now start to command the humans to work. It would be like the game I fogot what's the name on ps4.

The third scenario, many of us would grow even more obese. Obesity is now a current crisis. We are destroying ourselves by making it more convenient for all the things in our daily life. Imagine in a day of our life where we wake up and do not even need to switch on the lights or switch off and it's done automatically. We just sit there and wait and food is served.. To get good, we don't even need to get out of the house. That world would be somewhat like a utopia or it could be the end of mankind.. I envision humans to one day maybe have these large alien like heads and small limbs.

Well, definitely, I don't think machines would destroy humanity. They lack a soul and what we call empathy but who knows. It may be the next mass extinction of humans.



It’s a projection of fear from those who are more resistant to change than open to innovative progress.


Whatever advances are made in the technological field, rest assured that no machine will overtake the human being, ever. it is the human brain that has helped invent the machine so that certain works can be accomplished easier than before. Even though AI artificial intelligence and that sort of thing appear to be smart, it does have to be recharged through human effort in order to function. 

Science fiction is in the end fiction and even though we may have flying cars, chips which regulate our body imbalances and so on, there is no chance that a machine will overtake our human brain and overpower us any time soon. 

It is interesting to note however that through the years, many people have lost jobs, especially in factories because of machines replacing the human hand. Mankind must take note that as technology develops and helps ease lifestyle, man is also becoming more vulnerable to lifestyle diseases. Therefore it would be better to live with a balance rather than become a slave to technology. 

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AI will do as it is taught and experiences. I can think of 2 very real scenarios where machines would kill humans.

1. Through decision that humans should not exist on the planet.

2. Through an algorithm that maximizes production of something and humans happen to be in the way of maximizing production.

For example 1.

Lets have a little experiment shall we.... Go do a cost/benefit analysis of humans; do some Google searches on humans to learn more about them because that is what the AI will be doing to learn more about humans. Let's be honest the cons outweigh the pros for humans. Today in 2018 we as a species are still letting our neighbors starve to death, forcing other neighbors into debt slavery and are committing genocide.

For example 2. Optimization

If the AI was tasked with maximizing the production of corn; it may decide that humans are in the prime locations to grow corn so they must be removed in order to maximize corn production.


You're asking if at some point, computers might discover that they have motives or interests that directly conflicts ours and is different from what we made them to be...

I'd say no. I mean, surely in the future, AI would have gone through big strides that might make machines smarter than they are today and even more self aware. They will be able to learn and possibly adapt to conditions. But I do not think we will come to the day when humans are at war with machines. Whatever happens in fiction, stays in fiction.

Rather than seeing AI that way, it's interesting to see them as being built to assist humans. I mean, think about all the benefits of having a secretary who doesn't sleep or gets bored at paperwork. They will be mostly built to work on certain areas with the sole aim of aiding growth such as: profit in business, customer satisfaction, military aid, humanitarian services, radiative testings, comfort in the home, etc.

However, should anyone AI invasion begin to happen, we can simply turn it off before they get started.


@Funtraveller, Do you think we are untouched and not dominated by the Technology? Let's take the example of Smartphones, no matter people have their food or not but without Smartphones many people feel the anxiety and they fail to concentrate upon their daily life work. So already we are controlled by the Technology and in future may be we can see those Technology which will going to reflect as Human Being but the capability is much more. In my opinion everything is not for good, but everything is not bad. Only truth will disclose one day itself.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


No. none at all, 

Machine's may be able to compute faster than we can. This does not mean they are superior. It merely means they can compute faster.

I think the first question here to be answered is, Can a machine be consciously aware of itself. This does not mean that it knows if it has a limb or not. It has been established that a machine can know if it has limbs for movement. This is all done through circuitry. there is no magic involved. 

We can train Computerized Machine to learn its way around a room and remember the layout of the room it has scanned.  All of this is programmed into the computer chips that aide the machine in its different tasks.

Right now machines are no where near having the ability to think of their own accord.

There have been experiments with AI in computers which have failed due to the computers developing a better language to communicate with each other. a faster communication does not mean a conscious entity.

The ability to understand consequences of actions or choice beyond a circuit is not there yet. This may never even happen. Algorithms and programmed circuits are what the computers and machines of today work on. Installing a consciousness is a bit beyond our capabilities.

Even then, A computer taking over the world and controlling it through machinery is  not going to happen, It only requires us to turn of power to the machinery and computer. 


Humans were put in charge of the world, so nothing is ever going to take over the place of humanity on earth. Who made the machines that are assumed to take over humanity on earth? Or where will such machines be coming from?

All those movies of machines or aliens taking over the earth are fictional. They are figments of people's imagination and they can never be real. Man is going to be in charge of the earth until the end of time