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Does anyone know why some people get busy.pay votes, while others get busy.org votes?
This is actually kind of bothering me. I loyally use busy.org to post to my blog, and I always receive a busy.org vote, while I see others getting a busy.pay vote. The difference is substantial. The busy.org vote carries no vote weight, while the busy.pay vote is a valuable vote. The economics of why each has a different vote value does not interest me. I understand Steem Power, and alt accounts. What I am curious about is the basis of how they choose their votes. Does anyone know? Because this doesn't entice me to keep using their platform.

It really is something that bothers most of the users, I will try to explain in simplar terms.

The both bots are free for the Busy.org users

The vote weight depends on the Steem Power that the user's followers hold all together.

To get busy.org upvotes a user  must need 20,000,000 vests which for easier count to Steempower of   10,000 SP  combined of all followers. 

While if a user wants to get an upvote from busy.pay than the user's followers  must hold at least  10,000,000,000 vests.

While you can see how much vest you have in here  https://steemdb.com/api/accounts?account=username

in the username part enter our steemit usename

In that page look out for 

There you can see your Vest and you can work out to increase your followers and get the vote of busy.pay

While it is upvoting users with less Mvests as well.


Thanks for your intelligent question.

Steemit is a online earning place where you can earn money by creating original and quality content. There are many platforms on steemit where you can contribute and get support from that platforms.

There are many websites and apps related with steemit. They are busy.org, partiko, esteem, steepshot, musing.io and so on. They all gives the user free upvotes. But there are differences between the values of their upvotes.

Some websites and apps give a little values of upvote and some gives a hugh value of upvotes like musing, busy.pay and so on.

Busy.org is one of them which gives free upvotes to its user. By posting on busy.org we will get free upvote. But there are to account which gives free upvotes when someone using busy.org for posting.

Busy.pay and busy.org are the two account. Among them busy.org gives free uovote of around 0.50 SBD and busy.org gives free upvotes of around 0.05 SBD. Who will upvote you when you will use busy.oeg for posting, it depends on how much followers you have.

If you have around 500 followers then you will get upvote from busy.pay and if your have followers below 500 then you will get upvote from busy.org.

This the reason why some people get busy.pay upvote and busy.org upvotes.


The simple answer to this is that it depends on the value of your followers.,Thats why high many high rep old time members who all follow each other get the bigger reward from busy.pay as opposed to us little uns getting the close to worthless vote from busy.org 

Steemit is the place where the rich get disproportionately richer but thankfully, the DApps like musing are levelling the playing field a little.

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It all depends on your followers. Not the size of your account.

I use busy.org to post for this reason and fortunately have enough followers with large enough accounts to make my vote come from busy.pay. If you have  a small following counting their vests then it will come from busy.org.

You need substantial accounts following you and the percentage of vote is paid accordingly. You need billions of vests following you for a big vote. It would be great if musing.io would follow some of it's supporters as that would help quite a few of you.

A .085% vote on busy is worth about 36 c now so it is not huge but adds up. The vote is given every 12 hours so a maximum payout is twice a day for 2 posts. I have seen $3-$4  votes given to some people.


I was asking the same question weeks ago and I got an answer from a fellow steemian. The votes you received are according to your vests. The number of your vests depends on the number of vests your followers have thus the more "powerful" your followers are the bigger your upvotes will be. Generally the votes from busy.org are way lower than busy.pay. To check how much vests you have go to steemed.com or you can enter this link https://steemd.com/@acesontop and change my username with yours and it will show you your vests, mana and credits plus other useful info.