Must someone be 18+ before they can start their own business?

Age is just a number.

Maturity, IQ, exposure, wisdom, idea, opportunity, solution, finance, attitude and some other factors is what matters when it comes to starting up a business. There is no age limit attached to CEO


Age doesn't guarantee success. So No, you must not be 18 before you start a business. Anyone can start a business anytime, as long as they have the ideas, resources and mentorship..


No. I started joining my mum at her shop in the market at the age of 12, to sell, and sometimes she would leave her business to handle some other things and ask me to manage it.

At the age of 17, I started my first business in my first year at the University. At first I was really shy at it, I was also scared of what if I fail, what if I don't make profit, what if I can't handle the pressure that comes with it and many other what ifs.

But I was also excited that I'll be trying something new, that I'll be launching something of my own and I wanted it to count, so I gave my best and made it count.

You can start your business before 18. What is important is the personality involved, are you truly ready for business, do you the emotional capacity to handle pressure that comes with the need to satisfy your customers and clients, do you have a business strategy, what are your goals, what value do you want to create through your business, are you matured enough mentally to handle finances, can you market your products effectively to your targeted audience etc.

These are what I consider more important than the age factor. Age is insignificant to money making as well as to having a startup.

The first thing is that your age doesnt put any barrier for business.Starting a business at any age is a big challenge. Thinking of a good idea and then turning it into a profitable venture is no mean feat, but if you happen to be one of the growing number of entrepreneurs who are aged under 18 then there are some additional challenges that may be standing between you and entrepreneurial success. First of all, your age can bring barriers to setting up a business bank account, accessing credit and raising business finance.
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I do not think so either. I once had a college friend who started his business 14 years old. I will try to tell my experience to answer this question.

I have a friend of his name Mr. x (unethical mentioning his name). We are one primary school. His parents died when he was in the 5th grade of elementary school. After graduating from elementary school he opened a shrimp trading business. The business is growing well. After 5 years of business even bigger. She is married at her own expense. He already has a house and a car. After 10 years of business growing more, even he has opened usha store building. That's the story.

The lessons of the story are: Business ability not only in parents, but also in teenagers. The difficult family conditions in the economy, and family responsibilities make my friends mr x fast mature in thinking and more motivated to develop themselves. Age does not determine a person's maturity level in thinking and making decisions.
No! With the advancement of technology, I won't even be surprised if 14year olds now have online businesses.

The problem mostly lies in signing legal contracts, most if not all needs the signee to be of legal age (18), which can be remedied by proxying the signature to someone you trust that is of legal age.

Age has never got anything to do with staring a business. Anyone can start a business if the idea and the resources are there.

Being a businessman does not need to be aged over 18 years, I have started doing business since my age 16 years, when stepping on the age of 14 years I trusted parents to manage finance family business. I manage the cost of spending and income and making simple financial bookkeeping.

When I was 16 years old, mother gave me confidence to manage my own business, mother gave me first capital and I was required to return the capital given. I made a chocolate with a funny shape and contains a variety of delicious toping.

I started to market to school friends, neighbors until finally people who did not know before he started coming to look for my homemade chocolate.

A that time where I live there is no brown maker like me, especially when the valentine I got a lot of advantages.

I think that you can start having your own business even you are not 18 yet.

It could depends on several factors like the size of the business, your resources, will or dedication and your support group. Some parents or guardians are too supportive for their kids to manage or run their own businesses already.

It is be an online business or having a small store. In here, you can see kids selling stuffs already like snacks and that could be considered as a business already.

Starting your own business is possible at any age,what matters is for you to have knowledge and understanding about the business which you want to do,so it is better to begin to understabd that age does not matter in terms of being successful in a business,so no matter your age you can start any business which you desire

No... A person could start at any age cause age is just a number and shouldn't be a barrier

I'm not appreciate with you.
To start own business it's depends on how much professional you are and how much you know about business.
You can start up your business when you wants. If you have some financial problem and you have family support you can start it before 18.
There is no age restrictions in owing a business. One can start business at any age. to establish and become a successful businessman one should have the right idea and ability to convert that idea into reality. For business one should be mature enough to take the right decision, ability to take risks,

no.  they should be allowed to work in their own interest at any age.  If a ten year old were to start a lawncare service they should be allowed.  There should be less red tape to start businesses so that ideas can develop, not governmental employer unions and bureaucrats.


I think most people think that because of the underlying fact that once you are 18 you are an adult and then you are responsible but the truth of the matter is owning or running  a business doesn’t come with age or size. It comes with a certain amount of knowledge, information and will power, the kind that you develop inside out. You can own a business at a suitable age even before getting to 18, it’s just that most people would see 18+ To be a standard age for doing anything reasonable and responsible. 


Nope, kids can even start a business these days. It's all about support. If your parents are supportive you can have your own business at a young age.