At what age should we start teaching kids sex education?
WE should all start calling "Sex education" what it actually is..

Proper parenting.

As soon as a kid is smart enough to understand speech, parents should start instilling knowledge of sexuality and decency into them. THIS SHOULD NOT BE DONE IN A CLASSROOM!!!

sex education is a very dynamic topic that encompasses many different aspect of a person's life.. A child should be taught how to treat another from the opposite gender not just in terms of sexuality but in relationship as well as common decency.

that "bee and flower" talk should come hand in hand with teaching your boy to open the door for the girl.

Another reason why "sex education" should start as early as possible too is because parents to should teach them how not to let other treat them.. "dont let strangers touch your bum" etc.....

while young kids should be taught about their body parts, more complicated matters should be taught slowly as the child progresses into puberty.. I would rather much prefer to know about masturbation from either my father who tells me what it actually is or by him showing me educational content from reputable source. I'd take that over figuring it out myself anytime. Same applies to daughters and their mothers.

I come from a rather conservative society myself (my family were somewhat liberal, thank God for that) and I can honestly say that taboo and stigma achieves nothing. Kids will learn about it eventually and its up to the parents to decide what source of education should the child receives. Better to learn from people who means well than porn movies that implies all sorts of weird stuff..
1985 - One day, Mrs. Morrison went up to the school. She sat down with Erics teachers and the principle.

"Eric does not need to learn these things, and he won't be sitting in sex Ed classes."

Eric sat in the library and learned about motorcycles by reading cycle Canada.

His favorite bike was the Kawasaki concourse because it had just came out and had abs. 1986 was a good year!

2013 rolls around.

And Eric is rolling down the highway on... A 1986 Kawasaki concourse!

He is on his way to a ladies house.

His girlfriends at the time in fact.

They will be having consensual sex and eric has had no accidental kids, and has not died from any StD's, AND he can remember the first time he had sex and knew exactly what to do.

The end.

As we can see from the above story, that is true and factual, kids already know what to do and if they have good parents, they will learn good values and how to treat another person with respect and dignity.

Where are your kids right now? Mrs morrison always knew where I was...and we did not have cell phones either.

E-GO 2018
A very very short answer to this is, when they are able to comprehend the difference in gender. That is when you introduce certain 'dos and don'ts'.

The long answer can get a bit complex because it depends on many variables, so let's get started:

Environment: As a teacher trainer, I have reports from my teacher trainees indicating children as young as 7 years old playing 'rape' in the classroom. This of course got the teacher to sit down and have the 'talk' with them since their parents did not. It may be easy to blame the parents but they could have learnt it from an older siblings. Thus, while teaching them about sex education at this age may be too early, the example above does show that the children already has an understanding or misconception of certain things related to sex education. As such, parents and teachers should take action immediately. Moral of this variable is, watch out and be vigilant towards the signs.

Curriculum: In general, every education system has a 'set age' where they would give the students a short course on sex education. My country's is at the age of 12. While this may be a little late for certain kids, parents can start preparing them also when certain questions pop up in books or reading. For example, why do people get married? Where do babies come from? etc. Generally, you would want to slowly ease the child into certain ideas before you give them the full version of 'the talk'.

Other aspects to this include their friends and the media that they are consuming. However, the general idea to this is, every child is different and instead of figuring out what is the best age, watch out for the signs as mentioned in the environment point above. Also, consider gradually dropping ideas related to sex education such as marriage, babies, etc in easy to understand 'bites'. This is to build upon their understanding slowly and avoid confusion for the child.

Hope that helps!

I think rather than having to teach kids sex education, what we should do more of is this:

Not censor ourselves too much when sex is brought up in the child's or adult's context.

As humans, I believe kids would become naturally curious when they reach a certain age. They begin to feel differently and their bodies start responding differently when they encounter someone of the opposite sex. The age at which this happens differs from person to person.

This means that rather than fixing an age at which we should begin to teach kids about sex, I am in the belief that we should begin to teach when the kids become curious, whatever that age may be, and even when that age is much lower than we expected. So that when a sex-related topic is brought up, we don't act all awkward, but respond naturally.

This way we build an environment where children don't feel shy to pose questions about sex to you (parents, for example). So as they naturally progress in life, you become their go-to person to talk about their most intimate curiosities.

Too many parents don't develop the skill of addressing the very natural curiosities that their children have and would rather leave the job to their teachers in school. Then they wonder why their children develop the wrong mindset about sex.
You do not need to teach them. When they will mature automatically they taught sex education. But I think there are no need to teach them about sex educations. Because in this generation boys and girls can understood what to do in which place. It is not similar days like of ours grandpas days.

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At what age should we start teaching children's sex education?

Very good question, Based on the results of my own survey in my country we can teach the children about the sek sekuan at the age of 12 dikarnakan at that age they have seen a little moving look fit or more known little adult.
They have many friends or friends. If we instill in them then they will keep themselves from engaging in cases of early age or underage.
This is a topic that should be treated in a delicate manner because sexual education is very important especially in the society where we now live in,we live in a society where we have adults that try to take advantage of kids because they know how some kids are naive towards sex or ignorant

I believe that we should start teaching kids sex education from the moment they can hear and speak,this will make the kid to be very education concerning sex and would enable the kid to be able to avoid sexual pressures from friends or neighbours or family members or outsiders

Many of us while growing up had sex very early because we never know how sex was like,we were not taught sex education so while we are trying to learn on our own we begin to try to explore just to know more about sex and during that period some people were not lucky enough not to run into trouble like contacting disease or getting pregnant at a very early age...sex education is important..
there is no specific learning about sex in children in Indonesia so this is a taboo to talk about

if you see in terms of good health age to do children about sex education is the age of 12 years, because it is the age of children to continue education in junior school.

very good if we teach sex education in children, because children will be more understanding and not wrong in making decisions in their sex life
Parents as the first party responsible for the salvation of their sons and daughters undergo the developmental stages (physical, emotional, intellectual, sexual, social, etc.) that they must pass through, until they grow up. Parental responsibilities include not only limited or limited to material needs, but actually cover all aspects of the child's life, including the aspect of sexual education. Understanding the selection of appropriate sexual education methods will lead the child to be able to keep himself from the forbidden acts and aware of threats and warnings of adultery and have a clear religious grip. Sex is closely related to aqidah. Muslim parents, sex education preferably with moral values ​​and Islamic ethics. We will not discuss the issue of how to have sexual intercourse or safe sex, sex that can prevent pregnancy and so on, because the sex education we want is for children to know the function of sex organs, halal haram associated with sex organs, guidelines to avoid deviations from early sexual behavior . Very easily from various media will accelerate the destruction of the next generation of the nation. Very easily either via the internet, cell phones, adult and child comic books, television (movies), CDs, play stations, and more. So much so that sex act is considered normal and pleasant. This phenomenon, we must take care of our children with the value of true sexuality, which is based on their respective religions. Need to know what sex education is? How important is sex education for the education of their children? sex education the purpose of sex education Is there a stage of age in conveying sex education in children What is the meaning of sex for teenagers?
See sex education is good student can grow up and can know about adult activities but according the age should be after 15 so that the child is mature enough to get the knowledge regarding it. There are lots of school college where this type of education are covered but in india only few or we can say no college or school is looking after this topic because of shame i think everyone should be knowing about this topic
We should start teaching kids sex education
At when we feel they are old enough to
Understand the left hand is different from the right
Hand,we have to understand that kids learn
Faster than each other,some kids quickly
Understand things while some kids do not
Understand things easily

Sex education is something we need to give
To our kids because they really need to
Have quality sex education which will make them
To understand why they should not engage in sex
At some certain ages and ways they can avoid
Sexual exploitation from sexual predators

I believe that schools should also add sex education to their curriculum because that
Will make sex education to become a subject
Of its own that students need to learn and
Understand and take as a serious subject
Our tendency is to have intercourse. In natural phrasing, living beings have a tendency to replicate and reproduce, from complex homo sapiens specie going to the littlest, miniscule microorganisms, they should increase to fulfill their populace and satisfy the cycle of life. Individual as life-handling specie, we individuals (not summing up all) are being systematize to enjoy sexual multiplication to figured a man to be finished and incorporated. I keep up that sex isn't a criticism matter yet rather a noteworthy component for setting up a balanced individual with extraordinary obligation in each activity he/she continues. With sex training to recover with the overarching educational programs of Commission of Advanced education (CHED) and essentially to the Division of Instruction (DepEd) area, it will altogether façade to great and effective approach to propagandize the consciousness of sound and enhance sex wellbeing and exacting the acknowledgment of the results of overpopulation or the exponential development.