What's the biggest feature you want added to Steemit?
If you could request one feature for Steemit, what would it be?

The feature that I really want Steem to add is: Share Posts with the ability to add some text into it before resteeming

The majority of users on Steem are lazy. Just kidding! XD

When someone resteems something, the majority of us had already judged the post based on the Title, Thumbnail and the author without even going into the said post. The problem though is that many content creators don't have the "Gift of Title~ment". I myself am not good at coming up with a good title on the majority of my blog posts here on Steem making many people skip over it. 

Now to avoid such scenarios in the future, I want Steem to add a feature that allows users to do exactly just like that. Just take a look at one of the post I resteemed this week:

Wouldn't the above image be much better if there was some text that says: "GINA needs our help, let us all support her by simply upvoting this post at our full power" or something like that? XD

In addition, I would want Steem to reward people for resteeming. When someone upvotes a post you resteemed, some beneficiary reward should be shared to the one who shared. It could be as low as 10% goes to the resteemer and 90% goes to the author. 

Now you would probably say, if that one is implemented Spammers will resolve to resteems instead of commenting. Well my counter-argument is: Who follows spammers/bots in the first place? And even if they are followed by real people, the author of the post still gained something. It's a win-win for both sides. XD


Since I can be a reservoir of satirical remarks, I want to make sure I am reading the question correctly. When I first started my journey on the Steem Blockchain, I thought the interface was rather bland. To my surprise, it lacked many features one would expect from a supposed blogging site.

As time went on, I became acquainted with different dapps and frontends on the platform. Then, I asked myself about why do I even bother to use Steemit? Any Steemian would have a better experience using @busy.org or @steempeak. The latter doesn't even have massive delegations from Steemit, Inc.!

To be fair, wallet transfers on Steemit.com is still the best out of all the other alternatives available. That is about as far as I would go in terms of Steemit's advantage.

Without further ado, here's my horrible idea for the day:

There have been many discussions about Steemit as a blogging platform. The truth is, it has not lived up to everyone's expectations. The main obstacle seemed to be the quality of content on the blockchain.

If you search around, you will find many who feel that they shouldn't have to blog at all to access the rewards. Given this is a supposed decentralized platform, they are correct! The platform can be anything the users choose to be, but consequences could follow in forms of flags.

What is the next biggest feature, you ask?

Interaction with everyone's transfer history, profile information, and their activities!

Think about it, since almost no one cares about quality (or original for that matter) content, why not? There would be more items for you to interact with on the blockchain at the expense of the Witnesses.

Hate the fact someone upvoted @steemcleaners? Downvote that. Your buddy finally followed @berniesanders? That is worth an upvote. Let's take it a step further by looking at the mysterious @freedom. Perhaps we could downvote every transaction to display our discontent for the stagnation?

While we are on the subject of @freedom, why not take this feature to the Witness voting page? Not like many of the current top 20 would be dislodged from disapproval. Don't stop there! Head straight over to Steemians' profile page and flag that lame profile picture. We could gamify ANYTHING!

Remember those pesky 25 rep accounts that don't post? Now, we can give them a piece of our mind! In addition, pass judgments on people's Resteems.

You might be thinking to yourself: man, this is such a bad idea. That is the point. I presented a bad idea as a satirical response to the state of the Steemit frontend. It is also a reflection of some current trends I've encountered time and again.

Let's be honest, wouldn't you want to make a silent, but aesthetic, opinion on someone's name? I would upvote the crap out of @onefatindian's name because it is humorous. We would see engagement like we have never seen before. Then, Steemit can stop pretending to be a blogging platform.


 Steemit is a great interface of Steem blockchain but it lacks many features which everyone likes to see in a great/popular social media platform. I wish to add many features to Steemit. First of all its interface should be changed. I have made a prototype model for the New Steemit interface which is shown in the following image. I am not a good artist, so please bear this crude image.


In this interface the user would be able to see the “trending, hot, promoted, replies, mentions” etc. just at one place. Also, it will show numbers of replies and mentions in popup buttons as you can see in the picture. Unlike in the traditional Steemit interface, all buttons would be on the top of the Steemit so that the large part of the screen may be free for showing the posts and blogs. Posts may also be shown as we see in the Steempeak interface in grid form. With every post some dropdown menus should be attached as you can see in the picture. Category of the downvote should be there so that the user or the readers may see clearly the reason of the downvote(s).

So, these are the features but I want to change two things for Steemit (Steem blockchain) reward system-one is the reward distribution system and other is downvoting. I have written many posts on this matter and suggested the remedies but the system is very adamant. It doesn’t like change.

(Unfortunately, musing doesn't allow to add photos or images directly from your computer or mobile. So, I had to add it using busy.org interface) 


One simple UI feature I want is the ability to pin a post at the top of your profile page. Like a pinned tweet on Twitter or a sticky topic on Reddit and other forums. 

When I check out a person I don't know yet, I want to see their introduction post at the top, not their flower garden picture, or whatever was their latest post. When I check out an account for a service, app or community, I want to read their instructions in a pinned post on Steemit rather than an external website.


I would like to add to steemit a part where I could know how many people have seen my post, ie, know how many visits has a post, if it is very seen or not, for this way know the effectiveness of the tags I have used, something that would allow you to optimize the use of tags, and do a better job on this something like seo on the web pages, this would really be very helpful, because sometimes we can not be sure that our publication reached people, some only read without comment and without voting and this would help a lot. 


The feature that I want Steemit must add was

  • Real time Chat
  • Numbers of viewers
  • Longer time before a post make its payout

This three are the features that I want to be added not only in Steemit.com but through the entire Steemit community.

First will be the real time chat

Being a social media website, I really think that steemit really do lack this feature.

I am aware that it wasn't possible as all the transactions and interactions in the community as being published in the Steem blockchain but I still really do want to have real time chat support as an added feature to the steemit.

The chat support will not be broadcast in the Steem blockchain, it will only serve as private messaging in the platform.

Well I don't think that a steemit condenser will have this feature but I still hope that someone would try to add it. 

Next would be the Number of Viewers

Being an author in the Steemit community I want to know how many people have opened my posts. This would help me a lot to make my posts better, this feature might help me look if my post's title was catchy or not, if my post's tag was being drop in the right tag.

But I guess it would also backfire to a lot of Steemians, they might lose their confidence seeing few numbers of viewers in their posts.

Lastly, I want Steemit to have longer time in having its author rewards

This feature was also a dream for me, if I would be given the chance I want the author rewards being pay out after a month or at least 2 weeks.

It's because I am seeing that the posts that was already published was almost set aside.

Hmmm, well not all as there were posts that was being opened even after a year but I can say that they are only few.

With the large number of posts being published in the community 1 week was not enough for us to find those worthy posts that needs to be rewarded. Sometimes I am seeing good quality posts that were already past in the 7 days duration and I feel sorry for that.

It might be bad waiting long before our posts to make it's payout but I do believe that it would benefit us more.


Notifications when someone tag us or reply to us, so no need for ginabot anymore.

This is a bit strange from my opinion, steemit inc should be the one who create a notifications system, not someone from outside of steemit inc 😕


Steemit will no longer be developed by Steemit Inc. 

The Steem blockchain has message fields attached to transfers. The messages can be encrypted just by adding a pound sign (one of these: '#') in front of the message. There's no reason why a UI could not make use of this feature of the blockchain in a more user friendly manner by having them encrypted by default and by grouping the discussions into conversations. 

It would be possible to implement an encrypted off-chain peer-to-peer private messaging system as well. Perhaps that's something multi-chain dApps will implement in the future.


Steemit highlights 3 inner monetary standards:

STEEM — diluted every year by approx 100%

Steem Power (SP) — vested for a long time, weakened every year by approx 10%

Steem Dollars (SD) — we overlook this to rearrange things

High weakening rates persuade one to keep all cash changed over into SP. Steem Power is something that gives the substance author (yet not the peruser!) benefits. What are they? Allows first disk how the Steemit stage functions.

Key Steemit Features

1 — Content is curated by the network

The substance is curated by the network (Content Curators) and separated to dispose of spam, porn and insignificant data. Rather than having an extraordinary inside group of arbitrators or programmed spam disclosure apparatuses (like Facebook has), this is assigned to the network.

Monetary motivating forces empowered by digital currency can drastically encourage the development of another web based life stage. It is the cooperative energy among cryptographic money and web-based social networking that we accept may give Steemit an intense preferred standpoint in the market.


It would be probably Reddit equilevant which would take over reddit. However it would be bit more tweaked from it. 

Also i think i want downvotes, but something that cannot be like where whales can downvote earnings to zero.


something like google analytic dashboard


I would really like to get out "views" counter back. That would be awesome. I would also like to see something come about to give the community the chance to anon downvote shit on the trending page. 


The feature that I really want to see added on Steem is an improved-smart-Relevant News Feed

What really keeps me from browsing my Feed here on Steem is how posts are being sorted by new-to-old. With Steem's Reverse Auction Reward System, wherein to maximize the curation reward one will get from upvoting a post, it is recommended to vote near the 30min time. But with our news feed displaying the newly created post first, one still needs to scroll way down for posts above the 30min timeframe. I personally think that there should be an toggle option for this (one for newest-to-oldest and one for Hot-Engaged post or Relevant post that you might be interested in). 

Long story short: My suggestion is a Facebook-like News Feed wherein the posts I see first are the relevant ones and am likely to be interested in.


I could remember there was a time when i do usually visit steemit and on different blog posts i do see the number of views that the contents received,but after a while i stopped seeing it,i believe that steemit should bring back the features and work more on it to make the feature work more effectively in a way that we can see

those that viewed the posts too,,i believe the feature will make the content creator know how wide he or she is reading the audience and also it will make other users to be able to measure the performance of a content genuinely with facts,...

Also there are some users we would love to communicate with on the platform and you are on different timezones and that could reduce the effectiveness of starting the communication because

you do not know when exactly they are available on the steemit platform,,i believe that steemit should create a popular feature that can detect and display when someone is online or offline,,such feature will make us to

know when a particular user is online and we can now know when to initiate a discussion or not or know when is the best time to communicate with that person and get response......

Another feature i would love to see is the ability for steemit to display related blog posts under similar posts...for example if someone is viewing a blog posts talking about bitcoin price fall,the feature should have the ability to display similar contents on the platform

that also talks about the bitcoin price fall so that if it is an interesting subjects that the user is interested in then it would make them read different perspectives or opinions about the subject...they can give the feature a name by calling it “related posts”.......


The online sign feature. Steemit is from from a platform with users from the same location. Over a million users now means many people from different locations and different time zones. It may be midnight at your location and early morning elsewhere. This is varied timezone.

An online status with a green sign near the profile picture with offline and away sign too will let users know who is online and who is not. This has lot of benefits. Users can use this effectively when making conversation. They know what time the user is online. In the event of making a post too. You can know when the majority of your followers are online.


The feature I would love added on steemit is the ability to see the names of people who imprinted on your post. Yes we do have number of seen but many atimes it varies with number of upvotes and you wonder if all those that saw this post actually just came to read or just touched it or it increased ad they scrolled past your post.

It will be nice if the seen is limited to those who actually saw and read the post and just like we see the lost of upvoters let us also see the list of those who read but never commented or upvoted.


Well what I would like to add to steemit, is that each label had a curator, in this way small fish would have more opportunity to get at least reward for its publication. this would motivate more everyone to publish...


Steemit is perfect as it is - a relic to remind us all about the early days of Steem. I'm gradually moving over to using other apps. SteemPeak is nice for blogging. I use Partiko on my smartphone. Obviously use Musing, too. I sometimes use DTube as well.