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What Really Happens After Death?
I will prefer answers that are irreligious.


It depends on how death occurred. If a creature was killed by a carnivorous animal, then his body parts will go into the stomach of that animal. Hindu persons may be cremated while the Christian or Muslim may be buried as per their religious beliefs. A cremated person’s body parts turns into ash which is kept by some relatives as a sign of last remnants or that may be thrown away somewhere else. A buried dead body decomposes and only the strong bones of skeleton remains in the grave. So, much depends on the person’s religious beliefs when it comes to do something with his/her dead body. Despite of such things, ultimately body becomes part of nature. 

Some people like to donate their body for the research purposes. So, anything can happen with the dead body but what about the soul? There are contradictory opinions of religious people and the atheists on this issue. Atheists believe that we have been given just one life and when we die, everything ends for us. This is the end of road so nothing can be said after following this doctrine.

Theists believe that soul goes to heaven or hell after death, depending on the karma of the deceased person. In heaven the soul gets good treatment while it is tormented in the hell. Some people also believe that some souls become ghosts or devils after death. However, everything is mere speculation as deceased persons never return to us after their death. Even religions don’t have the same opinions and views about this subject. Everything is speculation till many souls come back from death and narrate their experience to us or we find the way to see the other world which can be seen only after death.

So, nobody knows exactly about the post death scenario. If someone claims as such, he/she must be a liar or a lunatic. 

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Nobody knows. No one has returned from death to tell us what comes next. What exists at this moment are simple conjectures, theories, which according to some studies, can try to give a satisfactory answer. 

I believe that much of what we believe has to do with our culture, religion, with what we need to believe. Some say that what dies is our body, but that our soul remains alive. Some go further and say that soul goes up to heaven or goes down to hell according to the amount of sins we may have committed. They even talk about a kind of limbo or purgatory, which is a kind of intermediate state where souls are even solving some things on this earthly plane. Likewise, some people claim that there is reincarnation and the human being dies and lives again as many times as necessary to learn life lessons. 

What we know about what is after death has no real foundation, even today remains a mystery. Man has reached the moon, he has invented machines that speak, but even today he does not know what the threshold of death holds for us.


I don't think anyone knows what happens after death because even those who have had a near death experience did not fully undergo the process of death. So when you ask what really happens after death and you say you prefer irreligious answers then i must say that means the only person who will give you the answer you crave will be a ghost.

What we have come to believe as to what happens after death is based on what we have read, heard from different areas of life including religion,science, culture etc. Nobody really knows what happens after death unless that person will be a walking dead. 

Nobody knows but we have all come to believe something about the after death controlled by our culture, education. religion etc.


The same thing that happens before birth , a person is reduced to basic organic compounds...


Well, the truth remains the truth. Perceiving it to be religious or not does not change it from being the truth.

When someone died, he/she will take either of two routes depending on what he/she did while on earth. If he/she believed in Jesus, heaven is the route and if not, then hell it is


Blankness or Darkness

Mourning over the dead by friends and relatives

Burial or Cremation or Embalming



I will tell you after I experienced it (and if you do not mind) and the Creator of these life and death give me a permit to do that.