As i don't have steempower, is it compulsory to buy some steem to get success in steemit?

Definitely Not.

Success on Steemit is not defined by the amount of Steem Power in your wallet.

Although, I understand that having more Steem power makes you more visible on the blockchain.

Steem power is like having authority and so, it gives you a kind of leverage over others.

But having Steem power is not all there is to being successful on Steemit.

You can have Steem power and not even be successful.

Although, it depends on your definition of success to you.

To me, success on Steemit is determined by the activities you are able to successfully carry out on the Steem blockchain.

For example, if you are able to grow a dedicated follower base, have people who consistently interact with your contents, then you can be said to be successful.

There are other means to acquire as much Steem power and that includes interacting on the blockchain.

For instance, asking and answering questions on Musing grows your SP as well.


While is isn't compulsory to buy Steem to be successful in Steemit, right now is a great time to invest if you were ever thinking of doing it.  

You need to remember though that growing your account isn't necessarily going to bring you success overnight.  You still need to be putting out good content and build a group of followers that you know you can count on to upvote your posts. 

Here is a great example:

When I started on Steemit, the price of Steem was between $5 and $8, it was a really great time to be on the platform, but my account was so small that it didn't really benefit me.  Again because of the price at that time, it took much more disposable income to "buy in".  It just wasn't something that I was able to do at the time.  Seeing the price now, I am actually a little glad that I didn't.

Now, the  price of Steem is at a really good point that you could purchase some to grow your account if you wanted to.  It doesn't take that much to double or even triple the size of your account.

Unless you can buy in to Dolphin status though, you are not really going to see that much  increase in the amount of rewards that you are getting.  Especially if you haven't taken the time to gain followers that you know will upvote your content.  

Right now things are pretty stagnate and a lot of users have left.  I think it is a good idea to purchase Steem if you can afford it and power it up so you will be ready when things turn around.  I don't think you will see immediate results though.  

The only thing that might change for you is with the higher SP, you will now have some to spare to delegate to projects that you believe in.  Some of those projects probably have a rewards system for you delegating to them.  These rewards are usually in the form of upvotes.  When things go well, I can count on about $1 worth of upvotes on my posts from delegated sources.  Given the price of Steem right now, that isn't a horrible ROI.

Again, long answer short, it isn't compulsory, but right now is a great time to buy if you are thinking about it.  Especially since the markets have been green the past couple of days.


Not at all....

There are so many real life examples I have seen here in steem ecosystem who without investing a single penny people made like 2000 to 4000 SP in one year. But they are dedicated, they are disciplined, they respect the community rules and guidelines, they do not plagiarize, they are active on daily basis, they create content with their effort, they engage with other posts/article productively and make this ecosystem better and true to its spirit. If you can do like that then you too can succeed here.

Now matter what is your area of interest in the domain of social media and blockchain technology, no matter whether you are content creator or author or not, no matter whether you are geek or not, no matter whether you are an investor or not, but if you are determined to engage in tune with the spirit of this community, then success is very likely, reward is also likely. But everything takes time and it is not an overnight phenomenon. Your persistence and patience both will also be tested from time to time.

Over a period of time steem blockchain has really evolved stronger and it is now a more versatile ecosystem with so many DApps and I am sure you may get fascinated to see so many of them on the top of steem blockchain and it is very likely that you find few of them as best suited to your interest and passion and if you will be able to align that passion with any of the DApp available, then it may so happen that you can contribute and engage in this community in a much better way and at a faster rate as well.

Buying steem power is not at all compulsory and the provision of steem power is for those people who want to invest and have their share in the form of vest on steem blockchain and can influence their worth by voting for a witness, delegating and earning some extra income, upvoting or downvoting etc. So it is true that if you have some SP, your journey will be little easier but it is not a criteria for success neither it is mandatory.

Thank you and Have a great day.


not really. i started on steemit in apr 2018 and after 8 months I have gained 1150 steem + sp without ever buying steem. steemit without buying steem is hard work. good for you that you've joined at a time when multiple dapps all with good amount of delegated sp are being developed so new users will have a faster growth of sp. i think you will have to interact a lot with people with high sp and make solid, useful, insightful comments. plus, you can participate in contests to win steem. be a part of curation initiatives by curie and c-squared. join the dapps - dtube, musing, steemhunt, actifit, and there are many more now. you'll start getting upvotes for serious effort and very soon you will cross hundred Sp, then 500 to be a minnow and then 5k to be a dolphin.

point is, it is not necessary to buy steem to be successful on steemit. i can never advice you to buy or sell but with prices this low, you can decide. also, before anything else, define what you mean by success, if its about becoming rich and making $50 a day. then yes, buy a million dollars worth of steem and kee upvoting yourself but that isn't success. that is abuse imo. so define success and interact. you'll be successful.


It is not compulsary to buy Steem for Steem power to be successful in Steemit. But if you wanted to be successful in the platform the fastest time possible, buying a huge amount of Steem will make that happen.

If you do not want to spend your own money to buy any Steem, being successful in the Steemit is still possible. It will just need a lot of effort, willingness to learn and it could take a lot of time.

You can join several groups that help newbies. If there is a community of Steemians in your country, better to join them as some communities even have actual meet ups to help each other succeed on the site.

You can also try using the various dapps that most probably upvotes its users such as Musing.io and Busy.org.


Steem Power allows you to vote with higher power. I am not sure what the thing called. Then the second part which is great is that Steem power gives us more resource power which is really important initially when you just started out on Steemit. Or else what basically happens is that after some post you have to wait for a few days. You can check your resource credit using www.steemd.com/@gargi then you would roughly have an idea of how long before it gets recharged back.

Resource credit is used for you to post or comment and many more. You can find more detailed info on steemd.com for the cost of each vote comment and so on. Last month I faced the problem of always having to wait a few days just to post then I just invested all my Steem earning to Steem power and now I have roughly 327 Steem power. Not that high but its enough and not to worry about having resource credit problems. Just keep participating and up voting. Steem power let's you earn curators rewards which won't be much when you have less Steem power. Currently with 327 sp, I earn about 0.30 per week in extra sbd roughly but it will increase once Steem power increases.

The first initial stages are tough. Not sure what direction to go and who to ask. But if you got questions, just post to musing to ask or search the musing database for past questions related to any topic that you have doubt in. Just do it and don't give up. You will succeed in a year or at least a few months time.


According to my experience, Yes you need to buy steem power if you need to get success on steemit as i have seen there are lot of posts coming on trending page of steemit which is useless for audience. This happens because of bots and more the usage of bots will be there in future than there will be less the the value of steem. When i was making my post, spending 2-3 hours on the same post and looking at the income it was near to zero. So i feel there was no use to create good post instead you invest in bots and they will give you good return with some percentage.

It is not compulsory but if you want to get success in steemit platform than it is necessary you go with the use of some bots or you take some power with delegation and start upvoting your own posts. You can check my blogs and my followers and following it will clearly get you some idea about using steemit platform. My profile name is @jaineel. Have a look at my posts and earning you will get some idea to buy steem power or not.


It is most definitely not necessary to Buy STEEM to get success on Steemit.

Although I would agree on the fact that if you do end up Buying a lot of STEEM it would be a lot easier for you here on Steemit but is never Compulsory. I have been on this platform for exactly one and half Year and I am currently close to achieving 5000 SP which I beleive is a huge achievement considering I didn't invest any Money into the Platform, all I invested was my Time.

Now I will accept the fact that I was able to cultivate some good relationships and make a small follower base. But at the end of all of that the thing that is most required is to keep believing and to keep on Grinding.

Nowadays things have become a lot easier for newbies to earn some STEEM as various platforms like Busy, Musing, etc gives you Upvotes for using their Platform effectively so I will stand by my Initial thought that It is not compulsory to Buy STEEM to get success on Steemit.