What is the way to prevent our steem wallet from phishing?

Many users in Steem Blockchain got hacked due to this phising. While many lost their fund in huge amounts. In order to avoid those mistajkes few steps can be used to secure the wallet of Steem

  • Whenever a user enters  in Steem Blockchain use the POSTING KEY. This key can be found in Wallet and than go to permission tab and there one can find the posting key.

 While after that just click on the "Show Private key" and that will the key that one can use in Steem Blockchain. 

The Role of Posting key is for posting and voting. No funds can be removed from Steem Blockchain with this key. So if a user gets hacked with just this key than the funds will be safe for a period of time.

  • The next one is always look for the url when a user enters the password. That will tell the user that if it is the real site of Steemit or not. If it is not the way (like Steemit.com)  than always avoid logging in that site.
  • One other way is,  if a user wants to keep the Steem safe than he/she can transfer the Steem to the savings account in Steemit. Just click on the wallet page and go steem and like below  click Transfer to Savings.

What it will do is,  it takes 3 days time to make the funds liquidate and even if the account is hacked an user will have enough time to claim the account and get the funds securely.


Cyber ​​thieves or hackers, are waiting for their pvictim to fall into their traps, thanks to technology can do this kind of actions thousands of times a day.

The only option is to be aware of the address of the website.

Never click on websites of a dubious origin.

Do not use the same passwords

For steemit, be aware of the different dapps because they could also create a similar one to steal your data or in this case, the most important is your password.

I repeat it again, ALWAYS ATTEND AT THE WEB ADDRESS .. !!!