What should matter most to us in life?

I think that health. For some health is very important and they take care of it a lot, but for others not.

So many people are using their health and don't take proper care of it just to make more money.

I can tell from my own experience that the most important thing in life is health.

Without health you can't go shopping and spend all that money that you made over years.

Without health you can't build a healthy relationship and make a family for yourself.

Without health you can't enjoy your free time no matter how much would you have and how hard would you have been working for that.

Without health you couldn't help others and see them happy and fulfilled.  

Without health you can't do almost anything. 

By health I mean both physical and mental health as they are both very important.

If I for example would have to choose between an eight hour a day job with a $1,000 monthly salary and a ten hours a day one with $2,000 monthly salary I would choose the $1,000 one.

These two hours can really make a difference and change a lot in our lives. 

For me at the moment the most important and the thing that really matters in life is health. I learned my lesson. 

Hope you found my opinions interesting and wish you a great Monday!


It's a dicey question here. This question makes me think, some questions shouldn't be asked because they don't have answers or rather definite answer but yet their is a rational answer to this question.

Firstly I want to say human strives to exist or live his life in comfort and pleasure which is an insert desire in him. It is so because this is the frame work of his inner self and to deny man of comfort and pleasure is to starve him to death. So this premises brings me to this conclusion that what we should matter most to us is everything or anything that necessarily adds to our comfort and at the same not rob us of another necessity.

What should matter most to us is all that keeps us in good health both Physically, Psychologically and otherwise.


Live. What should matter most to us is to live! The one who does not live life is wasting it. And when I speak of living, I mean doing all the things we are passionate about, loving and demonstrating our love, eating and drinking what we like. He who limits himself to doing the things that life offers him, then stops living: he has died. It's no use having excellent health if you've deprived yourself of doing the things you like best; it's no use having a perfect family if you don't love each other, hug each other, reconcile (because real families have problems). So the most important thing in life is to live. Live even if you fall, even if you stumble, even if you have to get up a thousand times; do it once more and always with more desire, with a smile. If for you life is the most important thing, then you will know how to love and be loved, you will take care of yourself and your loved ones, you will be rich, perhaps not of coins, but of happiness. Because life is the best gift that God has given us and the best gifts are appreciated, used and thanked. 


Well,I think this question can't have a definite answer because people's perspective and value for things are different.

For me I believe that what should matter most to us in life is to fulfill God's purpose in our life.

As a Christian I have grown to understand that the most important thing in a man's life is not money or any material things but living a life of purpose.

We are born for a reason and we exist because God wants us to and he bought us to this world not for us to live as we want but there is something he has hidden in every man that he wants us to discover and bring out to blessed our generation.

Every other things are secondary.

Let's see what the Bible says about our priority in life;

Ephesians 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

But the truth what matters to many people is different,so people believe that what matters most in life is just to have plenty money and live a good and happy life which is good.

The truth is God wants us to live a good life but his priority is also supposed to be our priority in life.

So my advice is what should matter to us in life is living a life of purpose, living for God and not living for ourselves.


Nothing really matters after we die.

So fancy life once we’re still alive and convey joys to others, and leave the planet a touch bit higher than we have a tendency to found it.

In the end, no quantity of wealth and external possessions will bring Us the true happiness which we desire

What measures our life instead, is that the size of our heart, the depth of our thoughts, and therefore the dimension of individuals we have a tendency to came cross and influenced.


Clearly pleasing our inter-dimensional alien overlords is the most important thing for any human in this life.