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Can money really buy happiness?


But it sure CAN buy a lot of things that’d boost my happiness levels... :-D

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i do not totally believe that cash can buy us happiness because there are some  certain things that can give us total happiness but money cannot buy them.....here are some of them listed below..

Companions - Sure more individuals may appreciate you when you have cash. In any case, they may not be certifiable companions, but rather sharp ones. Discovering similarly invested individuals who express authentic enthusiasm for your identity is something that cash won't purchase. Nonetheless, it will enable you to go on social trips in the event that you do have great companions. 

Regard - No measure of cash in your financial balance can enable you to purchase regard from others. Donald Trump is an extremely rich person, however a large portion of the nation despises him in light of his activities and perspectives. On the off chance that a tycoon gave away the entirety of his cash to his child, his child won't really be as regarded as his dad in light of the fact that their dad was the person who increased the value of society. The child's activities and commitments to society will be the things that win them regard. 

Solid association with a critical other - you might have the capacity to locate an appealing individual to adore you, however how solid your relationship is with them relies upon your character and furthermore their character. We catch wind of prominent individuals finishing a relationship or getting a separation. 

Leisure time - We need to organize our time ourselves. Cash can't just get you extra time since we are so contributed on making cash to help ourselves. Rich specialists have all the cash on the planet, yet dependably keep running on a bustling calendar. They hunger for with the expectation of complimentary time to go through with their family and companions, yet barely get any in light of the fact that they need to keep up their status in the expert world. 

Great wellbeing - cash can get you solid nourishment, however in the event that you come down with some hopeless sickness or condition, it has returned to earth for you. In the event that you are in an exceptionally upsetting working environment, cash can't fathom that. 

skills/knowledge - this requires cash, yet additionally a considerable measure of time and exertion. Individuals with rich guardians regularly wind up ruined and come up short on any attractive abilities. They just realize how to spend their cash, however not realize how to put it to great use for self-improvement. Another precedent would be master competitors. They make millions every year, except regardless they need to invest the effort and vitality to enhance in their game.


When i was a child i could have easily said no to this question. I was raised to believe money is not the answer to everything and that trie happiness is from the heart. Of course i grew up. You see this thing called money in my opinion can buy you happiness. Infact, it does on a daily basis.

Let's start with health. I know you'll say people still die but i also want to remind you that people also still live. Money can buy you the best health care and yes you'll still kick the bucket but it also does and people live for years longer than they ought to have. Money can help an amputee to walk again with the help of prosthetics. Money can give you new organs and a chance at a better and healthy life. How can you say you're not happy when you used money to do all of this.

Again, when you owe a debt, you are sad, full of stress, forbthe people who have high blood pressure, i know they are at the brink of being hospitalized. But then money comes and you pay of that debt and the weight of the world on your shoulders is lifted. I bet, there is happiness when that happens.

Getting the house of your dreams and a dashing car to follow isn't free but when the money is there, what is it that will make you sad. Happiness is what you make of it. And in my experience, what i buy to satisfy myself makes extremely happy and thats woth the aid of money.


It can. Briefly. If you give me a million dollars I would be ecstatic. But it won't last long. If you want everlasting happiness, you need more than just money. Every successful entrepreneur will tell you this. Many of them are unhappy because they can't share it with their friends or family because they are all alone. Others would trade all their money just to be healthy. Because I work in healthcare, I know all about this.  Most people underestimate the blessing of being healthy. But trust me, when you get seriously sick, you will understand it. 

I think it's all about the balance. You don't need a lot of money to be happy but you DO need it. If you're poor, you can't take care of your family or yourself. 


No as it is only part of the whole package. Money with other elements can create happiness but not on its own.

If you are a billion aire but have no one special to share it with your life will be empty. Happiness is a balance including so many things.

Health.love,wealth make up the components of happiness and if one is missing it means nothing.

Money creates so many more issues to deal with as taxes will become more important. Investing and making the money work for you and securing the wealth for future years. Good problems to have mind you.

I have known many wealthy people who don't enjoy life and are unhappy in life. They are missing the companionship to share their wealth with someone.


No, not really. Happiness is a state of mind, not a place on earth, that's what I'm always saying. 

You can buy things for yourself that make you happy for a while but then what? Lack of money can cause problems and make you feel unhappy but if there's love and understanding, that should make you happy. 

How many people are working hard, day and night to get more more money, neglecting family and friend, and when they finally get rich they realize they don't have no family or friends any more. 

There should be a balance, money should not be more important than people. 


Yes technically it can if you buy and snort cocaine ten you will fees very happy. But i wouldn't advise it to you since it highly addictive.