Why do people actually want to live forever?
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I don't know about others but I do want to live forever to see:

  1. Human success to colonize other planets.
  2. To see humans travelling to the far ends of the galaxy.
  3. Whether we'll be able to develop the technology, by using which we'll be able to move the things with our minds/thoughts. 
  4. Whether we'll be able to develop anti-gravity technology, and would be able to move the stones similar to those, used in the making of the Pyramids.
  5. To see Star Trek Stasis becomes a reality.
  6. To see a big city powering up from 10 x 10 x 10 power generating cube.

You could say, I wanna see all the impossibles to come into existence. Above are just the tip of the iceberg.

Those who are happy, might want to live forever, although I think the question is not if you want to live forever, it's more like how do you want to live. 

Quality of life is more important than quantity. I prefer to live a shorter life and be happy, then live more and be miserable. 

I've seen some documentary about how to live longer. The researcher  visited a couple of group of people to find out about how they want to accomplish their goals and what they are doing to accomplish that. Some people were eating exclusively fruits, others only raw meat. There was a couple eating less than 900 calories a day, taking walks with 10 kg weight vest to trick their body and going to sleep very early to rest their body. This is the saddest example in my opinion. 

I think the journey is more important than the destination, even though it sounds like a cliche. What's the purpose of living 100 years and not enjoying life?  Let's say you live to be 100 and then what? 

I'm paying attention to details, enjoy small things and be happy. 

There are vast answers to this question first of all the the universe and all its prospects are limitless and for human being who is a brilliant homo sapien to exist in such an endless world who would give up such a possibility to stay forever and explore its endless possibilities and also witnessed the passage of time, kingdoms and empires wouldn't it be totally amazing ? One of the reasons why human beings haven't been able to find cures to so many diseases or develop answers so many questions is because of the shortage of life, scientists die before their grand opus is being achieved or formulas that can save the world and at the end they are being cut short by the shortage of life, have you ever considered the prospect of having eternal life in order to achieve all your aims and desires ? So many other scientists definitely will they can give anything to buy additional life in order to finish their research and their works in life so isn't this enough reason to want to live forever?

Like I mentioned earlier the prospect of the world is limitless and cannot be fathomed by the mind alone, the average human being dies at age 75 but even if they were to die at 200 it wont still be enough to travel the whole countries of the world and see various countries and cities human beings generally love adventure having long life will generally be a factor in determining how far or how long human adventure can go , alexander the great conquer the world but died when it got to africa as a result of malaria at a very young age this means adventure halted but do you know that in only a year he could have conquered africa too will be considered as a greatest man alive as at that time but he couldn't because he died early . the human being wants to go on an adventure because they want to satisfy their curiosity and see things for themselves but with short lives comes limitations but living forever would make this prospect possible.

All in all everybody wants to live forever even me too because life is the angel will know and death is the demon's we don't we all love life and its simplicity and the earth is a beautiful place to stay coupled with the fact that that is painful makes people originally wants to embrace life more than anything that's why people fight for their life when their life is in danger , so another reason is that people love life but dislikes death because nobody living knows the feeling of dying I sometimes people want to be able to stay with their family and not leaving them to the harsh reality of the world because they love them and do not want to lose them so they would rather choose to live forever

By nature, humans are equipped with reason, mind, and lust. Lust always fosters the desire or desire to live, to have, to love, and so on.

one of them is the desire to live, most of which can be said that humans want to live forever. as proof, humans always pray that their ages be extended. Humans want to live long even if they can live forever.

The lust that exists in humans sometimes causes greed, and feels dissatisfied. However, greed can be prevented by the nature of qana'ah (feeling enough).

Human life has been determined by God. The desire to live forever is impossible. There is no eternal life besides God.

Greed that makes humans want to live forever. On the other hand, life is always encouraged and colored by the temptations of the beautiful world of life and pleasure. So that humans want to live long in this world.

But it is different from humans who are provided by strong faith and believe in God's destiny. So they are not eager to live long. But they expect their lives to be a blessing, and benefit many people.

life is something that must (may live and may not) but death is certainty because death must occur in every living creature. Thanks

The conspicuous answer is that individuals need to live everlastingly in light of the fact that they would prefer not to pass on. Not having any desire to bite the dust is universal to the point that it doesn't appear to require a reason- - which makes the inquiry to some degree strangely stated. You would get unusual gazes on the off chance that you went upward to anybody and asked "for what reason would prefer you not to pass on?" 

Be that as it may, not having any desire to pass on isn't as basic as it may appear. Individuals can achieve conditions of awareness where they don't fear demise. This can occur for some reasons. One is give up. One is zeal. One is illumination. What's more, one is, for absence of a superior expression, joie de vivre. 

That last is the most fascinating, to me. Usually the occasions when one is most alive that one has minimal dread of death. Also, on the other hand, the more one stresses over death, the more happiness is drained out of living. 

Moreover, on the off chance that you check alternate answers here, you'll see that a considerable lot of them allude to wants to accomplish either, or do either, or have enough time to _________. These are articulations of discontent. A general method to summarize them is "I need to live always in light of the fact that I am despondent with how I have lived up until now." The band They Might Be Giants has a melody with a verse, "everyone kicks the bucket baffled and tragic"- - yet this all the more precisely depicts the manner in which individuals live. 

I don't wish to recommend I am actually over any of this, coincidentally. I additionally frequently live baffled and pitiful. I additionally fear demise, convey discontent, have things I fear leaving incomplete. Be that as it may, now and then, I get looks of the other method for living. I figure the vast majority do. Furthermore, the truth of the matter is, a great many people - myself included- - end up dreading passing the most when they aren't generally living. 

So the conspicuous answer is that individuals need everlasting status since they would prefer not to kick the bucket. Furthermore, the more subtle answer is that individuals need everlasting status since they fear biting the dust too early, and they fear passing on too early in light of the fact that life has been unsuitable up until this point.