What was your worst regret in life and how do you plan to overcome those regrets?

Not actually studying hard in mid-school. When I was more youthful, EVERYONE revealed to me grades didn't make a difference until the point when you were in secondary school. For what reason would ANYONE say that? Obviously they matter! I didn't think about math as much as I ought to have, and consequently, am not in Calculus as a lesser in secondary school. It's such a little thing, yet to any youngster perusing this, learning is never insignificant. Invest energy consistently attempting to build up another aptitude or advance an expertise you as of now have. Try not to sit around idly, ponder and learn and improve your existence with things that issue.

Not staying in contact with cherished companions subsequent to getting new companions. About seventh grade, I put some distance between around four beloved companions. Why? Since I discovered two new closest companions who meant The world to me. I invested all my energy with them, and after some time, quit conversing with these beloved companions by any stretch of the imagination. The tables turned all of a sudden when both of those incredible companions I had abandoned me for another companion. I was totally alone and didn't have anybody to be companions with. A long time later, I don't have any contact data. This is something I lament a considerable amount.

Attempting to begin a sentimental relationship at a youthful age. Another dumb choice such a significant number of youngsters and preteens make and no grown-ups exhort against it. As a tyke, I didn't recognize what love was: I felt physical and passionate fascination and delighted in investing energy with this individual, however I was not in adoration. Connections are so essential as you become more seasoned in light of the fact that figuring out how to function with individuals is an expertise you will dependably require throughout everyday life. That being stated, sentimental connections wouldn't affect your life much until the point when you are a grown-up. Simply don't do it.

Purchasing so much pointless garbage. When I was 14 years of age, I landed a position with my adjacent neighbor. She said she would give me $100 per week in the event that I would walk her pooch each day after school. I stated, hellfire better believe it, I require cash and your basset dog is charming! Due to my mom and father's constant stressed remarks, I put some of it in the bank for my future, yet the lion's share of went to an assortment of things: little toys, band tee-shirt, computer games, activity figures, CDs, and nourishment/desserts. A long time later, where is the majority of that stuff I purchased? At Goodwill: I don't require toys/activity figures any longer, I wear more useful dress than band shirts, and I have Spotify so CDs are never again required. The nourishment is a distant memory, and the computer games are gazing at me over the room, immaculate for right around a year now. Spare your cash! On the off chance that I did, I would presumably have a vehicle at this moment.

Getting into battles with my mother. My mother is a standout amongst the most boss individuals I know. Regardless of her serious post birth anxiety, she figured out how to have four children: three with uneasiness, two with chemical imbalance, one with Tourette's, and one with real sorrow. She worked her can off to ensure we were all cheerful and had all that we required, yet I didn't perceive any of that when I was more youthful. I was furious and discouraged and I battled with her constantly. I hollered at her that she never thought about me, how she would be happy in the event that I just murdered myself, how I want to be destined to her, and how I wouldn't converse with her after I went out. We battled so regularly and tears were frequently shed after these long contentions. We don't battle as regularly now, and our bond has been retouched, yet despite everything I lament each word I said in those appalling battles.

And I intend to overcome those regrets by simply moving on and learning from my past experience in other to become a better person in the future...


My worst regret is to not know someone who was into bitcoins long long time ago. Imagine knowing someone who is was An early adopter of btc. That would be a game changer in life.

That is a hypothetical regret. On the real life regret, I think is usually something related with Financials.

If I knew one day I would want to become an investor, I would have spent less in the pass on something that may not be worth alot to this day and time. Nowadays, I seldom buy unnecessary hypes stuff that would cost lots of money. The reason is that if I were to buy something that I know I would not use much of in the future, I would not buy it and rather save those monies to be invested. This will ensure a way that I can keep my money working for me instead of going into a debt trap that many are.

Buying a new car, I regret it to some extend as it restricts your spending on many areas in your life. It takes a big chunk of my income to pay for the car, maintenance and also insurance. Cars depreciate the most. The next time around I would buy cars that would be second hand and even if it depreciates it alrite. The country next to my country is a tax free country and cars come at a really cheap price.

I regret impulsive spending of monies. I used to have this credit card that had lots of limit. It is as if I having an extra wallet that has interest. I paid the minimal interest and because of my impulse behavior I would buy something again. It went on for a decade. Lots of interest charged by then bank.


One of the things I regret is not leaving my country when I could. In 1999 I graduated from university and had competed for a scholarship abroad. I was selected to do a master's degree in Spain. I remember that it was a great emotion for me because it was not only the opportunity to continue specializing in my field of study, but also to travel with all expenses paid to another country and another continent. At that time, although Chavez had already been in power for a year, my country was not going through what is happening today. But I remember that the University of my city called me to work with them and my father got sick. I would never have thought of leaving my father here, so badly. So these two factors made me postpone my trip and leave it in the background. Especially because in an innocent way I always said that any time I wanted to, I could take back the possibility of leaving. 

And so the years went by, not only did my country become the chaos that it is today, but my father also died. Everything that held me together with this country no longer exists, but now that I want to leave, I cannot. Many doors were closed for Venezuelans and what's worse, economically most Venezuelans are broke, with no savings. Right now I'm trying to put papers back in to see if I can achieve my dream.  If I don't achieve it, I must be aware that life gave me an opportunity and that I was the one who wasted it, because the trains pass only once and if we let it go, we may regret not having left!


I wish that I had really been kinder and all the more understanding to my two more youthful siblings when we were young people. I wish that I had drawn in them and included them in discussion as opposed to being insignificant and closing them out as much as I could. There were times when I trusted they were as a rule purposely adversarial and aggravating so I attempted to coordinate them in what I saw at an opportunity to be reprehensible discourteousness. They're both incredible men now and we're close yet I wish I could reclaim the sharp recollections they may have of me. I was a cunt to my siblings. 

I lament not completing school. I dropped out when I was 13. I never got the chance to play sports, go to moves or blend with individuals my age. I lament the open doors I passed up. I feel now, that I don't mingle effortlessly with individuals since I'm bashful which appears to be nasty to individuals. I additionally feel that I come up short on a ton of presence of mind and I can't take part in exchanges effectively in light of the fact that I do not have what it takes to contribute certainly. I do not have the capacity to put forth a concentrated effort. On the off chance that I need to meet a little objective, it's so troublesome. I feel I'm following through tar. 

I lament regular the manner in which that I once in a while treat individuals. At some point I endeavor to battle my timidity by acting presumptuous and pompous and I realize that I'm seeming to be self-important. Regardless of whether it's my coworkers or family and companions, I utilize diversion to divert my very own inadequacies and regularly say slandering things to or in regards to the general population in my life. I realize that I'm anticipating my own self-hatred and it turns out before I can stop it. I have to attempt to be more constructive and prudent in light of the fact that I'm certain that I leave individuals feeling collapsed and negative after our cooperations. A decent mantra for me would be Don't be a dick! Try not to be a dick! 

I lament that I didn't seek after my interests. I let my dread and absence of certainty consume my fantasies since I realized somebody would dependably be superior to me