What are the things a man should put in place before getting married?

A man needs to be careful before jumping into

marriage,a man needs to understand that marriage is an institution that is lifetime so when you go into

marriage it means you are signing a life contract with your partner and should stick together through good

and bad times but i believe that a man should first of all

ensure that they are matured enough before getting into marriage,and when i say maturity i am not talking

about age because maturity is beyond age,a man can be old but still be immature in their reasoning....secondly

a man should ensure that he is financially ready,finance is very important in any marriage and so someone

going into a marriage should be financially prepared,then another thing a man should do before

getting married is that he must ensure he has created a sustainable source of income that will bring in income

consistently when he finally marries,it is that income that he will use to take care of the financial needs in the marriage...


I would assume "put in place" here means to cast aside.

Men in nature are born selfish. If a man want something then he will do anything in his power to acquire that even if he has to hurt anyone (not always physically hurt). What matters more is the outcome and the joy he gets after acquiring it.

Before getting married, a man must first learn to cast aside this selfishness and learn to put others wants first. This is the most important and the hardest thing to do as one needs to cast aside his own happiness for the sake of his future family. 


1. The most important things to focus on is agreements and decisions with your partner, and by that i mean having honest conversations with each other and what each side expects from the other after marriage and what he wants from him as a life partner and most importantly the "DO NOT"s because its vital , because most couples when they discus their future they only discus  their biggest plans and what they wanna do and forget or had thoughts about "WHAT IFs" but never bring the subject to discussion and want to stay in their state of sweet love and their image of happy life, but then after marriage one of them wants to do things his partner doesn't agree with, so problems begin to rise in their life and that could ruin their life and their marriage even very early, to wrap it up "love alone can't build a happy home so discuss everything in details".

2. The second thing to assure is that you have a stable financial income, although this thing is obvious because you can't build a home if you can't afford even feeding your family, so you must have an income even if it is small you must have it to begin with.

That's it, so don't always focus on the financial side, money won't give you happiness, money at the second place, honesty and wisdom at the first place.


1. Determine financial objectives

Married is to unite two different thoughts, here means to unify the vision and mission in marriage. The first thing to talk about is to determine financial goals for the future. At least you and your partner have short-term financial goals, medium and long term. Everyone has different financial goals, for example, you want to prioritize preparing education funds while couples want to prepare funds to buy a dream home. In order to avoid fighting, you and your partner must be able to take the middle ground.

2. ncome and expenses

After you determine your financial goals with your partner, then you have to think about cash flow. then you have to think about cash flow. If you and your partner work together you should be open about your income together, your income or which partner is bigger. Also determine who will manage family finances.

Pre-marital agreement

In planning finances before marriage you and your partner also need to talk about the importance of a prenuptial agreement.


I don't know exactly what you mean by putting in place. But I'd say what a man should have in place before getting married is a career that's going somewhere good. No matter how progressive or feminist a society, a husband will always be considered the #1 breadwinner of the family. Marriage is an economic contract first and foremost. A husband with no money is much less useful to a woman than a man with money or a steady stream of income. Marriage is about very banal and concrete matters. Romance and marriage have nothing to do with each other. Marriage was traditionally a deal where a woman gives one man exclusive rights to her sexuality and her womb in exchange for that man's economic output. Those are the bare bones essentials of marriage despite that fact that in advanced societies husbands are expected to bring many other things to the table such as doing their part of the household chores and child rearing. Very often wives work, too, but stay-at-home dads are very rare and the reason for that is that most women feel very uncomfortable being the main breadwinners of the family.


The thing that men must do before marriage is self and mental preparation, one of the preparations that must be done by a man who wants to get married. For you Muslim, you will be a priest for your family, be prepared to be a leader, a person who becomes the head of the household . You also have to be able to learn to respect and respect your partner, get to know your partner really and accept the background. Not infrequently we see a marriage that fails and stops in the middle of the road. Therefore everything needs to be prepared, especially marriage that is expected to last once in a lifetime.


5 Preparation Points Before Getting Married For Men

1. Science Preparation

Preparation Before getting married for men the first is preparation of science. The science here includes knowledge in the household style of the Messenger of Allah, the knowledge of marriage, the obligations and rights of the husband, the obligation of the head of the family, the obligation of parents (because later he will become a parent too), obligations and rights of the wife, and others other. It also includes the science of society and the knowledge related to Muslim women is also better if it can be mastered. So that later can direct the wife and teach about other things. Or later after becoming a husband and wife can learn to recite together.

2. Mental / Psychological Preparation

Preparation before marriage for men the second is mental or psychological preparation. For a husband, he should prepare himself more spaciously and with a patient heart. Because later after marriage will live together with the wife who is a foreigner. Why foreigners? Well, because beforehand I didn't know the original character and bad habits. Usually after 1 year of marriage each original character is seen and the habits are not good.

3. Ruhiyah / Spiritual Preparation

Preparation before marriage for a third man is preparation for spiritual or spiritual. As a prospective husband, his practice and worship should be further enhanced to God. Because someday after living with your husband who is responsible for his wife, both are responsible for the morals of the wife and in practicing religious teachings. It would be nice if husband and wife could compete in winning the blessings of Allah. A wife will certainly be enthusiastic in carrying out worship as well as possible, if there is a friend of her husband, if someone encourages her husband.

4. Physical preparation

Preparation before marriage for the fourth man is physical preparation. Physical must be prepared as well as possible. As a husband the responsibilities clearly increase, so the work also increases more and varies. Especially if you later have a child, besides having to complete the main (earning a living), also have to help the housework of the wife, especially in caring for children. Then the energy will certainly come out more.

5. Property preparation

Preparations before marrying for the fifth man are property preparation. Property is important in supporting household life. Although wealth is not the only thing that is the main thing, it will be more important to worship and seek His blessing. But we are told to work hard. With wealth we can do shodaqoh charity more. This is one of the important preparations for male pangantin men.


Marriage is the beginning of a long journey in life with a partner. Sometimes for men, marriage is a frightening specter. The reason is, after marriage they can no longer be as free as when they were single.

Indeed there are certain things that cannot be done again after marriage. But don't let you as a man feel limited and not free. With good communication with your partner, these things can be compromised again.

The following are things that should be done before marriage:

1. Hangout with your friends

You can go back to your friends when you were in school or college. From just asking news to inviting them to reunion again.

Why? Because after marriage, the opportunity to gather more with your old friends will be less.

2. Start reducing the habit of coarse cursing

In addition to being rude, if this habit is constantly carried out then your partner will likely not like it and may cause disagreement with him. After getting married many things change drastically.

You should be able to slowly adapt and change bad habits to harmonize your relationship with your partner.

3. Manage finances

The goal is that financials in the household will remain stable. If you cannot manage your finances well, you should not force yourself to get married until you are truly ready, including being financially prepared.

4. Start participating in cooking

Later this can help harmonize the relationship between you and your partner. Often men ignore this and consider cooking only for women. Even though putting together can be a romantic activity that makes your relationship more happy.

5. Satisfy traveling

After marriage, the opportunity to make your own tourist destination or with friends will automatically decrease. Your time will most certainly be focused on households. Therefore, it would be nice before you get married to satisfy yourself traveling to various interesting tourist destinations that have not been visited. Traveling will also change your mind's way of looking at life in the future.

6. Hobbies

Start learning and doing things that have been your interest, whether learning martial arts, learning musical instruments, such as guitars, or other hobbies. After marriage you will not get more time to do it regularly.


7 compulsory care that must be done by prospective grooms before marriage.

1. Appearing with neat hair is a must for prospective grooms.

2. Tidy up the mustache and beard to look more handsome on the wedding day.

3. Not just a mustache and a beard, trim your nose hair so that your look is more handsome on a wedding day.

4. Clean the armpit too, so as not to interfere when the wedding day.

5. Be diligent, also do facial treatment to look handsome during the wedding day.

6. Whiten teeth must also be done before the wedding bro!

7. Last and not least important bro, do health care too!