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What is the longest distance you can walk in one day?
I have been using Actifit for a few months now and have seen a lot of people go over the 100,000 activities a day. Now the only activity i do is walk, but the most I have been able to make is a little over thirty thousand steps. I was musing over that today so I walked for an hour straight at the fastest pace I could take to see how I did and still only got 6,600 steps. Now I admit I am 57 years old, I am definitely over weight, as I am 5'9-1/2" tall and weigh 195 pounds but still I am quite fit and am good at walking. But I don't think first of all that I can walk for over 17 hours in one day, and that I can keep the 6,600 pace per hour all day. So being reasonable I think the most I can walk in a day would be somewhere between 60,000 and 70,000 steps. What about you? I also live in a city which is nearly at sea level, the streets are also straight and level so walking conditions are great, OK I walk at hours when the sun is at its highest from around 10 am to 4 pm, mostly because the place is dangerous and I don't like to walk when darkness is near, so I guess I could improve a little if I walked closer to dawn and sunset but not that much.

As a teenager, I use to walk for a very long distance towards and front school every day. I probably walked some good number of kilometres every single day. I think that should be close to 8km everyday then. I used to do that ans still arrive school on time.

I was having this conversation with friends yesterday and told them how I was a 'trekker' back then in school. It was so bad that classmates gave me a nickname 'trekkers'. It was even said that I had trekked so much that my sandals could go to school on their own without needing directions.

I think it even affected me after some time. I couldn't walk slowly anymore. My mind had been programmed to always walk fast. Those was because then as a student, I would time myself. I had to get too school in thirty minutes or less. My house was very far from school but I still managed to do it. It wasn't uncommon too see a small student on the road walking as fast as a marathoner. That was me.

I remember walking with this beautiful girl while I was in university. She kept telling me to slow down. I didn't even realize I was walking that fast. I think I have learned now that though.