Have you ever thought of including your cryptocurrency portfolio in your will? If not, what do you think would happen to your cryptocurrency portfolio when you die?
This question always comes to my mind almost every day. I have some money locked as steem power while some liquid cryptocurrency coins are in different exchange platforms and private wallets. It is definitely difficult to explain all these to someone that is not cryptocurrency-inclined. Have you ever thought of the best way to make all these money accessible by your loved ones in cases of deaths?

Yes I have. I raised this in a post about a week ago.

We are all growing here on Steemit and the more you grow the more value you are holding. It may not seem like much right now but that could all change in a year or two's time.

I would advise anyone who has a Steemit account to have instructions with keys somewhere in a very safe place. Steem will be a valued asset one of these days and a Steemit account could be worth a small fortune.

I have already done this as one never can take a chance with things that are important.


What I have already done is that, with a very detailed bit by bit explanation of how steemit works and along with my keys I have written in a paper and it is hand written  by me and i have put it in a shield envelope and told my family members that in case I die, then they have the detailed explanation of how can they access my steem account or simply how can they use it again or take the funds out of it and use for different purposes, should there be a need to do that.

It is essential also and when it is a cryptocurrency and steemit account, you need to be more careful as our society has not yet become crypto literate, so you need to make a detailed write up in a paper offline and submit the same to your family members.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I'm positive about the claims that cryptocurrencies will be the next generation of money.

Its value on the next years to come will be much higher than what we have at present. In that sense, since my cryptocurrency might be the next huge wealth that a person could have and so I have the desire to secure it for the recipient of my portfolio.


Yes I think cryptos are becoming increasing important to our society. It will no doubt one day be a mainstream investment product. I guess there is one extra investment to make once it goes to the mainstream public.

It would be great to have more types of passive income. I think holding cryptos would also help our future selves work less as it can increase or decrease in value and we can use it to leverage our time which is limited as we work.

Having crypto reputations by then would become a new currency too. So i guess it's wise to have to prepare our mindset to have cryptos as an investment product and can be part of our portfolio. I invest In stocks too. As I always believe that we need to have many streams of passive income.

Stocking up on skill sets to learn how to invest in cryptos and also other passive skill income sets is important for future survival and sustainability of our life.


I have been thinking about that a lot lately. I need to have it all put in my will in case I ever die. the crypto I own is only worth a couple thousand at this time but it is very possible that it could be worth millions someday. If I die I want my family to be abl to access it.