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Do you think that by reducing the rewards available on musing, it may actually help to improve the quality of questions?
Do you think if musing.io reduced the size of their upvotes, it might discourage scammy and spammy behaviour, and actually help us to improve the quality of question being asked, which of course leads to better answers. Is this quality what we need to encourage new users to the platform ? Or is it simply about rewards?

I really don't know how you'd measure a quality question. As Zizy has rightly pointed out, it's good that the platform is generalized so the questions are not streamlined to only one niche. Everyone has the right to ask questions as it bothers them regardless of the area it borders on. That's the reason why everyone feels at home here.

So, whether the question is on sport or spirituality, relationships or cryptocurrency, you know that you can find answers from people conversant with those areas.

Reducing the reward will not help matters here. I think it may even increase the number of spam questions as people would increase the number to meet up with what they want from the platform.


When I hear people talk about the quality of a question, I often wonder what measurement is used to measure the quality of one question and another. Musing is a platform for asking questions for those who seek to know. It is not all about technicality, it is all about asking a question you sincerely desire an answer from. It is true people spam questions on musing as I have seen lots of questions repeated but answers given are based on questions asked.

Musing in its fairness allows people to ask whatever question they have on any subject, this in turn makes it user friendly as everyone can find at least one question he or she can answer. Imagine if only questions on cryptocurrency are asked on musing because it seeks quality, someone like me won't even come close to this platform and it is not supposed to be so.

Reducing the rewards like @futuremind said isn't a solution at all. Humans in our nature spend time in things which are beneficial to us especially money wise, reducing the rewards will definitely be detrimental.

Like he also said flagging the spammers won't also help as they can easily open another account and start again. I think the best thing to do to reduce spamming and scamming is to blacklist offenders so they never get any reward without them understanding what is happening. Not getting a reward will discourage them from posting more on the platform.

Truth is it will be hard to check spamming and scamming on musing but I'm sure the management is on their toes trying to work something out

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First of all, the question is, how you are going to measure the quality of the question. I might not know something that is very simple. Maybe most of the people know that. So if I ask a question that looks easy and simple, does it mean the quality of my question is low.

A couple of days ago I ask the following question.

Is there any health and fitness community on Steemit? If yes, would you please give their Discord channel link? 

Source: https://musing.io/q/rezoanulvibes/pknszhu7x

I'm passionate about healthy lifestyle and fitness. And I really want to know if there is any community about it. I got the answer. I'm very happy for getting these answers. I knew something that I did not know before such as @air-clinic community.

Now I do not know how you are going to classify this as a high quality question or low quality question.

I don't think reducing rewards on question will do any good. It might do the opposite. Fighting with spamming or scamming is not easy. I believe @musing team is doing its best to ensure a nice environment of this platform.

@zyzymena suggests about blacklisting spammers or scammers. I think that's a great idea and Musing has been doing that. If Musing has its own reputation score, that would be better. It will go up and down based on the contribution and quality of answers.

Flagging will not stop spammers because they can open another Steemit account and do the same thing. Instead, if there is a system to warn spammers for their spam, that will be better.

What I see Musing is getting better day by day. That's inspiring. Thank you @musing and musing team for your effort to make it a better place for everyone!


This is a great question. I think I have a pretty solid conceptualization of what you are asking. 

I don't think lower rewards is the solution at all. In fact, I think lower rewards would be highly detrimental to the platform.

What I see as a solution, is policing the platform with a fine tooth comb. It will certainly be work at first to figure out who is spamming/scamming, but the community here would undoubtedly assist musing with their efforts, as a means to protect their rewards.

If users were warned about their actions, and given a chance to correct them, and they still continued to abuse, they could be added to a flag system that would alert musing to not pay them. 

The complexity comes in how easy it is to create accounts, and continue their agenda. It would be a continual battle to combat, and likely a pain in the ass for us to moderate, but I think it's necessary. 

musing getting overrun by spam will destroy this platform. I will surely assist if my help is needed. 

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The truth is musing.io is almost perfect with the upvote and curating system the problem for me is there need to guidelines on the posting system and style. I don't think it's fair for a users to ask a question without adding reference, I think musing must make adding refrence compulsory in order to make asking of questions more cogent and viable. So many times there are always mispelt questions other times the questions are strange and very confusing. Musing.io must change the posting policy on the platform because if you ask me the quality of the question will make musing a place to reckon with

I also suggests that musing.io employs a methods to always delete and remove spammy question or questions that have no basis or are not considered to add value or add meaning this will even work better than not curating these questions by this the dapp will show more quality questions and answer if curators are specially pick to delete questios that did not pass the original or quality test.

I believe that when quality questions are asked on the dapp quality answer are sure to be reciprocated as well and I believe deleting spammy, unoriginal or valueless question on musing.io will ensure improvement and addition of questions.

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