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I'd love to hear what is your favourite love song and why?
I'd love to hear some great stories from all you Muselis about your favourite love song and the story behind it please. Don't be shy and share with us all! Looking forward to your choices and stories, thanks :-)

My best love song? pretty much anything from The Weeknd, man. In case you don't know who he is, his real name is Abel Testfaye and he's a Canadian singer who's pretty much revolutionizing pop music like his hero Michael Jackson did.

I mean you can pretty much argue that all Weeknd songs are basically love songs. Granted, the object of his affection might not necessarily always a woman, or any human being for that matter. Most of the times he sings about drugs and darkness and his chaotic past life.

What elevates his song to a whole other level of artistry, though, is the passion with which he sings of this madness, elevated by his amazing seductive voice. You can basically hear him trying to lull his demons to submission with the heavenliness of his voice. Oh and it's all so enchanting; hearing a man not only making peace with, but yearning to love and accept the demons of his past and his darkness. If that isn't true art, man, then I don't know what is.

As I write this, in fact, I have his song on and he's crooning repeatedly in my ears: "This ain't nothing to relate to. This ain't nothing to relate to." And like I told my girlfriend once--also a huge Weeknd fan--the greatness of the weeknd's art lies in the fact that basically all his song he's singing about darkness and his demons and telling you to NOT do the things he sings about, knowing fully well that all you'll ever want to do from that moment on is exactly just what he says not to do.

That's some sublime stuff, if you ask me. Which is why basically anytime I find myself in need of a disconnect from all the frigging problem of life I just zone into a more beautiful darkness that is the weeknd's music and try to gather myself as I get enthralled into mad, dark, frantic love songs.

And by seeing his vulnerabilities and relating to it so much as I do, I let his awesome falsetto entrap me and wish I could stay there forever--but then my mother yells in my face and I realize there's no escaping real life XD but those moments spent listening to Abel are one of the best I could ever have in life, man.

Cheers and thanks for this beautiful and selfless question.

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My choice is "Love" by John Lennon. It's from his first solo album, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band from 1970. Why is this my favorite love song? Because of its simplicity. There are no metaphors, no stories, no images...this is, quite simply, one man's very definition of love. Put into a gentle and lovely song.


Love is real, real is love
Love is feeling, feeling love
Love is wanting to be loved

Love is touch, touch is love
Love is reaching, reaching love
Love is asking to be loved

Love is you
You and me
Love is knowing
We can be

Love is free, free is love
Love is living, living love
Love is needing to be loved

 © Jon Lennon

Can't get much simpler than that!


I love to listen to west life so much because they are a beautiful band with amazing songs and their lyrics are not just lyrics, they're love experiences, quotes and stories of both pain and sadness as a chulfy I grew up listening to Celine Dion as well but as o became a teenager I started listening to west life more. Their 2001 album world of our own was a banger and I had a favorite track in the album titled the Queen of my heart and it is my most favorite love song ever.

It actually has a story to it and the story was that I use to have a girlfriend, at first she was just a friend but as the day grew by i started feeling something special for her. However in a playful manner she always called herself my queen and didn't take any special meaning to it, so time took it's toll I actually know I was in love with her and I had to ask her out to be my girlfriend.

One the day I asked her out knelt down while we were just having a chat and told her to please allow me to officially make her my queen, she was too surprised and left me kneeling on the floor, I felt she wasn't interested and I left for my home very dejected.

The next days she called my phone and asked me to visit her which I did and when I got there I heard my favourite song QUEEN OF MY HEART BY WEST LIFE PLAYING on the stereo, then she smiled and told me she's agreed to be my queen. My Most favourite song became my most loved song really and even if we've broken up, that song still reminds me of the girl I loved.


I am North Korean enemy of the Occident and friend of Mickey Mouse, Nike and the NBA.

I also like steemit despite being in favor of centralization and have total control over my citizens.

Another thing that I like are the songs in English.

My favorite love song is m MY VALENTINE.

a song by British musician Paul McCartney published on the 2012 studio album Kisses on the Botton and his video, which featured these two magnificent actors.

The video had three versions: one carried out by Natalie Portman, another one by Johnny Depp and a third one in which the two appear alternately. The three videos total more than 13 million total views so far. The photograph - an exquisite black and white invoice - was taken by Wally Pfister, the usual director of photography by Christopher Nolan (Origen, The Dark Knight).

The language of signs brings an undoubted aesthetic beauty and was the idea of ​​the daughter of Paul McCartney (Stella), who also proposed that Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp did it.

The person who taught sign language was Bill Plugin, sign language interpreter living in Los Angeles and executive director of Sign Language Co, which provides interpretation services, classes and advice, especially to the audivisual industry. Bill has a deaf sister and studied sign language interpreting at the University of Gallaudet, the world's only university for deaf people.

The voice of Paul McCartney and the gestures and faces of Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp. With three tricks like that, who needs more?



Since I was a child, I deeply fell inlove with the song "The Will of the Wind". It speaks about life, real life battles. That whenever challenges comes (which will always will), you need to keep your sails ready.

And when it begins, you'll be weary to fight against it. What I understand about that is you don't need to complain. You need to "befriend" the wind, you need to "befriend" the problem. That facing it will be the key to solve the problem. I understand that instead of complaining it, I need to do something about it to solve it. 

"I spent so many hours, thinking about the way things might have been". An amazing line of the song which talks about the past. If I did something better before, I could not face something as this. A great line that I understood that we don't need to dwell with the past. Instead, use it to become a better version of ourselves.

The song speaks very real about life - and about love. At early age, I learned more about life because of the song.


My favourite love song is ALL I WANT IS YOU by Bryan Adam. There are series of love songs but why I chose to love this is because of the lyrics. love has to do with something precious. Bryan Adam used the words well in the music. Check some of the lyrics below

Don't want diamonds, don't want gold

Don't want fashion, don't wanna be cool

Don't wanna hustle just to get through

When it all comes down babe

All I want is you.

Don't need a doctor don't need a nurse

Don't need a prescription babe

Only make me feel worse

Don't need a license don't need insurance

Don't need a ticket where we're goin' babe

You got my assurance.

This speaks really of love and its original. I can't love any other love song more. I play this almost everyday. Its my favorite and I cherish the effort put into this....Love is sweet when its original. Only fake ones hurts.


My favorite songs are many, but I like the songs on stage, because the songs sung on stage will have an audience voice. i like all liking park songs


Your Song by Elton John. 

It makes me think of the love I have for my children. 

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This year's love by David Gray is my favourite because it's simple and sad and just a great song .


You, going out with me

But marry him

Promise meeting at the aisle

In fact, I was only a guest of invited guests

I used to call my dear

Now, I'm just being an ex

Promise, for a lifetime

In fact, you live my dead life

You send an invitation,

That says your name

I didn't end up thinking

You accept his application

I just realized now

It turns out this sla ~ ma

What I love, which I take care of

It turned out to be a soul mate

You attended my wedding

Meet my invitation

Airborne eyes

When I shake your hand

I'm sorry my dear

I can't do anything

Because of all this

My parents' will

You send an invitation

That says your name

I didn't end up thinking

You accept his application

Only now do I realize

It turns out this sla ~ ma

What I love, which I take care of

It turns out his soul mate is someone else