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Does time travel possible in future?
when i was little and i have watched many movies on that i just think sometimes that scientist are going crazy will they make that type of machine or its just all fake.

No, I don't think time travel will ever be possible. My reason for saying this is that no one from the future has ever visited us, which pretty much proves to me that it's impossible to travel back in time. 


 If anything has taught us history, science and Hollywood is that everything is possible, however I believe that not everything would be as simple and manageable as we could imagine.

Theoretically it is possible to travel to the future, as explained by the general theory of relativity, the faster a body travels the slower time passes (for this moving body), so a traveler at speeds close to light will find that he has traveled into the future when he stops (depending on how long he was traveling at high speeds).

In fact one of the most studied and somewhat controversial theories is that of black holes and wormholes, as many scientists claim that these phenomena are nothing more than portals that could transport us to another time or another place in the universe. Maybe someday we can find out.

However, as far as traveling to the past is concerned, I understand that mathematically some theories have been proposed which suggest that it is possible to reach speeds higher than those of light, something that for the moment seems to be physically impossible and since we have not received any visitors from the future, it is very probable that in the future they have not found any viable solution either. So I don't think it's possible.  


I believe that the "trip" in time stricto-sensu revealed a subject of pure science fiction and I doubt that humanity can one day travel back in time. May be against that in hundreds of years we can approach the speed of light and that astronauts will come back having less aged than earthlings!


Time travel is one of my most loved center interests! I stayed in contact with some time travel stories in center school that used my own remarkable machine creation to move backward in time, and I have kept on focus this charming thought as the years have gone by.

We when in doubt travel in time. In the midst of the latest year, I've incited one year as necessities be have you. Another way to deal with oversee express that can't decline being that we travel in time at the rate of 1 hour out of reliably.

Regardless, the interest is, would we have the capacity to go in time snappier or slower than "1 hour out of reliably"? Or then again can we truly move backward in time, returning, say 2 hours out of reliably, or 10 or 100 years out of reliably?

It is incredible to consider time travel. Envision a condition in which you returned in time and shielded your father and mother from meeting. You would keep yourself from consistently having been imagined! Regardless, by then in case you hadn't been imagined, you couldn't have come back with the ultimate objective to shield them from meeting.

The dazzling twentieth century examiner Albert Einstein developed a theory called Special Relativity. The examinations of Special Relativity are hard to imagine since they aren't about what we duty in standard customary proximity, yet scientists have verified them. This theory says that space and time are genuinely parts of a for all intents and purposes indistinguishable thing—space-time. There's a speed most ludicrous of 300,000 kilometers for each second (or 186,000 miles for each second) for anything that upgrades through space-time, and light constantly embarks to all parts of extremely far through void space.

Stunning Relativity in like way says that a bewildering thing happens when you travel through space-time, especially when your speed as to various things is close to the speed of light. Time goes slower for you than for the general open you surrendered. You won't see this effect until the minute that the moment that you return to those stationary people.

We ought to expect you were 15 years old when you got out Earth in a rocket going at around 99.5% of the speed of light (which is generously snappier than we can achieve now), and celebrated only five birthday good times in the midst of your space voyage. When you return home at 20 years of age, you would find that each and every one of your accomplices were 65 years old, surrendered, and abusing their grandchildren! Since time passed basically more a tad at any given moment for you, you will have experienced only five years of life, while your accomplices will have experienced a whole 50 years.

In this way, if your voyage began in 2003, it would have taken you only 5 years to make a trip to the year 2053, in any case it would have taken the a considerable measure of your accomplices 50 years. One may express, this instigates you have been time traveling. This is a technique for taking off to the future at a rate speedier than 1 hour out of dependably.

Time travel of a sort in like manner occurs for articles in gravitational fields. Einstein had another stunning theory called General Relativity, which predicts that time passes essentially more a small piece at any given moment for things in gravitational fields (like here on Earth) than for articles far from such fields. So there are a wide collection of room and time mutilates close dull openings, where the gravity can be to an uncommon degree wonderful.

In the ongoing years, a couple of specialists have used those mutilations in space-time to consider possible ways time machines could work. Some like "worm openings," which may be substitute courses through space-time. This and arranged contemplations are brilliantly charming, at any rate we don't know now whether they are possible for guaranteed articles. Still the thoughts rely on remarkable, solid science. In unequaled travel theories allowed by bona fide science, it is to a great degree amazing a voyager can return to before the time machine was gathered.

I am sure time travel into what's to come is possible, at any rate we would need to develop some fundamentally cutting edge movement to do it. We could travel 10,000 years into the future and age only 1 year in the midst of that experience. In any case, such a trip would exhaust a heavenly degree of essentialness. Time travel to the past is more troublesome. We don't understand the science what's more.