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Why Did Postings Reduced In Steemit After HF20?

The drop in the price of Crypto over the last months has played a big roll in drop in posts.

After the hardfork it is harder now for spammers to post multiple posts and have them auto voted on, 

The benefits to those scams have reduced so have the scamers. They no longer hold the resource credits to post 25 plus posts a day and get rewards from all of them, 

Not all who have stopped posting were scamers , some find it no longer profitable for the time spent on Steemit. 


I think it is as a consequence of the implementation of the RC because now new users who want to ascend fast, and do not know what is the correct way of use the platform won't be be able to make constant spam to have more chances of being voted. Now their actions will be limited and they will have to take advantage of their RC very wisely.

The price of steem/sbd I don't think has been a determining factor because before HF20 the value of both cryptocurrencies was low and since then has not changed much, so I dismiss almost completely that argument.

Although the amount of post has decreased, it seems to me that for now is the best because we only stay the constant and committed users and not just the spammer who just wanted to milk the cow and get the fastest profit to go with full pockets.


Yes the posting rate has gone down slightly. But it was only expected as HF20 was partially geared towards reducing spammy posts. I am not saying that spam has been removed, but it has certainly gone down.

HF20 has brought many new changes to all Steem associated platforms and dapps, including Steemit.com. For now the number of posts may have gone down, but very soon this is going to change. More and more people would be able enter the Steem ecosystem much more easily and the content creation is going to go through the roof.

Here are the reasons why both content creation and engagement levels are going to rise on Steemit and other dapps:

1. The HF20  has subsidized the account creation system. This means that more new  user accounts can be created without the worry of the previous hard cap  on account creation (amount of Steem in circulation divided by the  account creation fee). This step would help the witnesses to allow the  creation of as many new accounts as needed (within the safety limits).  Thus more newbies would be able to enter the Steem ecosystem.

2.  HF20 is geared towards scalability. Removal of the hard cap on account  creation and the implementation of the resource credit system is part of  the plan to make the Steem blockchain more scalable. More scalable a  blockchain is, more users it can handle. 

Thus the whole system is  gearing towards making sure that new users can come in the Steem  ecosystem. It stands to reason that welcoming new users is not the only  aspect of the process. The blockchain is also gearing towards making  sure that new users feel that they can stay and survive here.

3.  The newly implemented resource credit system would help reduce the  spammy content and also help reduce the abuse of free account creation  system or the freemium nature of the user registration. 

The RC  system is based on the idea that a user should be allowed to interact  with the blockchain depending on their stake in the system. Please  remember that this is not meant to discourage people from posting but  rather making sure that they can use the blockchain without  overpopulating it too quickly and without taking responsibility for  their own content. 

4. This all would create a  spirit of competition within the users of the blockchain and would allow  them to compete in a fair manner for a piece of the pie. A fair and a  competitive system is basically a healthy system. 

In someways we  also need to remember that everybody who is given a free account should  know that it is a gift to them from the community. Freemium shouldn't  mean 'cheap'. To distribute free goodies without making sure that they are recognized as opportunities would devalue the blockchain.

NOTE:  It is also important to keep in mind that soon the environment here is  going to get more competitive and that means that we might need to do a  little more work to stay on top of things. This is would not make the  survival of newbies difficult but rather it would make it flourish.  Survival can only become difficult when lesser opportunities are  available but this clearly not the case here. 

I feel that HF20 is about creating more opportunities - both for newbies and for the bigger projects.