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What Could Be Responsible For Good Contents With Zero Votes In Steemit?

Sometimes you find good contents with zero votes in Steemit. The author spent a of time and effort to make quality content, still the total vote value is zero. So why this happens.

New to Steemit

When you join in the platform, you might not get upvote on your post only because you are new and people do not know about you. When you get to know other people, they will upvote your post due to quality.

Don't do networking

You can get engage with Steemians to inspire them to make comment on the hangout. Commenting is a great way to connect with Steemian on Musing.  Just before making any comment, just read and understand the post.


This happens regularly and that is why you shouldn't post for the first few months when you join Steemit.

If a new user does a post they will receive little or no reward. It has nothing to do with the post itself. It could be a fantastic piece that no one reads or sees.

When you first join you need to use the tools you have like your comments. If you have 10 comments a day find 10 posts and comment on them to try and build your following. This unfortunately takes time but if you are consistent you will build a following. Make sure you write a decent comment and it must add to the post. If you have votes vote for the post as well.

You need to network with other users to grow your following. There are many channels to help you like steem-chat and discord. Do not ask for follows or votes as this puts other users off and won't help you at all.

Once you have a following you will see when you do a post that you will receive some upvotes. Ask any of the bigger accounts on Steemit and they will tell you their first 10 or 20 posts earned nothing and you were lucky if you got 1 vote.

I didn't know this when I first joined and posted like a fool and I think my first 20 posts  altogether may have made 0.20 c.  i you take the advice that I have given you it will save you lots of heart ache and put you on the right track to grow your account.


You can't expect people to know who you are if you don't know how they are. Take some time to follow your followers and see what they are up to, be a loyal follower and interact with them. Take some time and start networking with people on here. Most people including whales are actually pretty to get hold of if you wanted to get hold of them. 

I often end up adding people that I follow on discord and chat to them from time to time. This is a good way to build up relationships with people from countries all over the world and this is also a good way to make a name for yourself in the crypto space.

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Great questions and I did like to answer this as I faced this scenario myself when I was new to steemit. There are numerous factors involved in zero votes for a good quality post and some of them are outlined as follows:-

- New to the platform - when a person is new to a platform in our case steemit it requires time to gain public attention. It's like you are in the ocean and your small boat needs attention then you need to network with big boats so that you get that attention. So it happens in real life as well in you are into a new venture it takes time to attract customers to buy your product and once they know you-you automatically gain that attention and thus increases your profit. Applying the same analogy here - do not worry if you do not get upvotes - just focus on your content, network with people by reading their blogs and commenting and slowly your followers base will increase and thus resulting into many upvotes and ultimately more money.

- Low steem power - On steemit platform steem power does play an important role as well. The higher the steem power you have the higher influence you make for upvoting a post. You will need to build this steem power with the earnings you earn from your post - just power it up for steem power. What I noticed when I was new here on steemit - my steem power was less and was not able to attract followers even if I was commenting good because it drilled down to the steem power as it had no impact on the earnings to a person even if I upvoted him or her. It's like tit or tat. Based on this experience I started converting all my earnings to steem power and once you have a good amount of steem power i.e. 500 SP than you have good chances to increase your fan following and further get many upvotes for your post.

- Reputation does play an important role - for minnows or newbies the reputation is low and can contribute to fewer upvotes. So as to get more upvotes you need to build upon your reputation and this is built by many factors:- good quality content, not spamming, following the community guidelines, vesting in steem i.e. steem power, engaged with the community people or members. As you improve upon your ratings you will notice that your followers increases which result to the high number of upvotes.

Finally, I would like to conclude on the lines that Yes it takes time for a new person to get upvotes even tough the post has a good quality content. But you shouldn't be stopping here - try out different means in networking, leverage other dApps which are built on steem blockchain i.e. musing, steemhunt, dtube, dlike etc.. as these platforms will help you to earn further leading to increased SP and higher reputation.

I, personally leveraged Dtube, musing, steemhunt and dlike - to get networking working, gained some attention and with hard work, you definitely will get upvotes no doubt about that - it's just the matter of time and you will get there.


It is because people are not able to discover that good contents. To get yourself discovered you need to show yourself to Steemians by that I mean start commenting to people's blog. You will see that gradually you will few followers who genuinely wants to read your blog and then once you get legitimate followers you will get upvote.


I guess the simple way to answer this is to point out that we do not have a perfect system. Like every system we have flaws and the perhaps the biggest one of them is the disproportionate reward system of the Steem ecosystem.

I also believe that we users have the final say in changing this. We need more genuine engagement here on Steemit - Organic engagement and not the paid kind. 

Here is what I think we can do for creating better user engegment:

  1. Read the post
  2. Understand the post
  3. Try to understand what the writer is trying to say (basically listen to the other guy)

Without these three things the comment is basically a spam. As you  can see that I also think that points 2 and 3 must be listed separately.

  1. Comment in way that adds value to the content already written in the  post (if needed reply to the reply received from the author)
  2. Comment as soon as possible
  3. Sometimes you put your heart in a comment and do not receive a reply  for your efforts. In this case please remember that nobody is obligated  to reply back to you. Move onto that next post

As someone who went through that exact same thing and after being on this platform for over 9 months now. There are three reasons I could think of as to the reason why some "good contents" are not rewarded on Steem especially if you are a newbie. 

  • Stolen Content/Plagiarism - What's the first thing that you could think of after reading a "very good exceptional quality post" from an account with a rep of less than 30? That it is stolen! That no newbie can write this well and most likely the post is plagiarized even though the author spent a lot of hours creating that masterpiece.
  • Will Cashout/Power down immediately -It is no hidden fact that Steem has a problem on user retention. And that is why a lot of dolphins/orcas/whales love to reward people who will be on this platform for a long time. So even though an account is constantly delivering good contents it doesn't matter if the account is also always in power-down. No whale/orca will support an author who just dump and go in here.
  • Not using the proper tags / less niche - Often times people do not use the proper tags for their contents. I've noticed that a lot of people are using the tag "steem, steemit" for almost EVERYTHING. Tags matter a lot as there are curators curating under those categories.