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Is it possible to be in love simultaneously with two or more women/men?
Love is something subjective and subject to many personal questions but one of the most acclaimed (in general by men) is that it is completely possible and "normal" to be in love with more than one person. What do you think?

One key thing in love is commitment and because you can't commit yourself equally to two or more women/men, you can't love two or more people simultaneously in a romantic way. That's cheating. Even in places where it's okay to marry two or more partners, the partners hardly love all of them equally. Some of them are married not because of love but because of selfishness. LoveI that lasts is one that exist between two people.

Exclusivity is a very strong characteristics in love. The moment you profess love to someone, you're pledging to make yourself available exclusively to that person and the moment you start sharing the affection you have for such person with someone else, you're breaking the rule of love and sooner or later, the relationship will crumble. What I'm trying to say is that you can't love two or more people equally


It is not possible to be in love with two person at the same time, the qualities of love won't allow that..

# Faithfulness/loyalty

When in love, you will only have eyes for that person you are in love with, you won't have time to think about others, you will cherish spending your time with that person making your heart b3at fast, so when in deep thought about your lover. Where is the chance to fall in love with another?

So definitely if you are loving someone else while in a relationship with another person. It definitely means the love you have for the first has faded, for if you are still in love with her, you won't be go crazy over another.... The heart only want what it want and love can't be shared


Love! Lets first define what is love its a feeling that takes you from the floor of this world to the heavens of the universe 

Its a sensation that means what you are and what other means in your life that takes you so close that there is not a single gap between you

Its actually a laten force that forces you towards each other

The question arises is love only for a single guy!

Just depict here your family you mom loves you and your brother and your father and you too but the love is not for a single person its a feeling that spreads like the fragrance in the air like the gusts of the breeze 

Love is not for a single personality it is spread for each person whom you care

 for whom you feel whose feelings make you happy and whose feelings make you sad.

Love is by heart not by mind so there are four chambers of heart so how would it restrict this sensation to a single person. It can be to a guy a girl and even a pet.

Love is not a restricted feeling not deprived of number gender and colour its an widespread feeling for every person whom you care for and whom you feel for!


I lived with my wife for 12 years, a relationship of love, with a lot of happiness and difficulties, which is normal, and so this love has evolved into a deeper and mature relationship, having settled together our own wounds . I believe that love is a process (so that it has a beginning, an unfolding and ... an end, except that the end depends on us, continue or change this relationship). For me and my wife, we have come to be for each other the great friends, of the great friendship I speak (this feeling of "great friendship" is superior to love "in love"), but, as we also need this "love" love (tenderness, affection, etc.), for my part, I met another woman with whom I live this love; my wife has become my greatest friend and I love her so (with a DIFFERENT love). YES, I love them both, but differently. Love is vast and encompasses all kinds of love, in this sense I believe it is possible to love two women, as one can have a great love for a person of great friendship and love "lovingly" another; What do you think ?


You can be attracted to more than one person simultaneously but you can't love more than one person simultaneously in a romantic way. Some of us mistake attraction and feelings as love. love is more than attraction and feelings

Love is a decision you make to invest yourself and everything you are into the life of someone. You have just one you, so there's no way you can invest yourself into several people at same time and produce any meaningful effects in their lives. Love is for one person at a time